That's Me

That's Me

Monday, August 5, 2013

Watson's "Good Morning"

Watson is a very scheduled cat & he sticks to that schedule every day. He wakes hubby up every morning before 6 with a bite on the toes.

"Rub the toe, rub the toe. Wait for
it. Now I bite & you wake up!"

When hubby inevitably wakes up, Watson leads him out the bedroom door to his food bowl. Hubby shakes his food dispenser to make more food go into the bowl. Watson eats.

I don't know what he does next 'cause I'm sleeping, but I assume he either sleeps with a full tummy or  terrorizes plays with the other cats. If I don't wake up at the exact same time every morning, he tells me it's time to wake up by either standing by my head & howling or laying on my chest & staring at my face (one scares the poo outta me, the other creeps the poo outta me). He's not in pain. He's not hungry. He's not sad. He wants me to wake up.

When I wake up, whether from him or on my own, if he's not already on my chest, he comes running at me like it's the best thing he's seen in forever. Then...

And if I don't pet him...?

He makes sure he gets petted whether I'm willing or not. 

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