That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer of Makeovers

Our house has undergone a lot of makeovers this summer. With taking the summer off, I have time to let my creativity flow & it feels great. 

When you have the possibility of a wheelchair in your not-so-distant future, you kinda get motivated to do what you can while you can. I still pray for a miracle to delay the necessity of a wheelchair, but I know that God could be giving me this time to prepare for the "just in case". Whatever is meant to happen was determined before I was even born, so I trust that God has my future in His hands & I push worrisome thoughts aside. 

Whether that future is sooner rather than later, I want to do everything I can now. With the oh so cool opportunity to take the summer off & the motivation to do do do do, I'm handing out makeovers all over my home. I got a brand-new bathroom, but that was technically in the spring. It just never stopped. Painting, rearranging, 

Besides getting my hair colored all funky twice, 1 of the kids' bedrooms got a new look.

My hall got a new look.

My laundry room got an updated look.

My bedroom got a new look.

My driveway has half a makeover (work in progress).

A few dressers have received a makeover.

Blondie wanted a new closet shelf to go with her new bedroom. A couple cans of paint, a paint brush, a beautiful partner to work with, & I gave that child exactly what she wanted. It was a shelf that was so beat up it was not going to live any longer. Makeover time!

1. Paint it the "perfect shade
of pink" that Blondie requested.
2. Nail that pesky board
in place.

3. Second coat of that
perfect pink. 
Photo bomb!
(She's famous for those.)

4. Add another perfect color
as trim.

Beautiful helper, happy owner of
new closet shelf. 

The second thing I made for my made-over room, before I even had the room painted, was a new lampshade. I had bought a cheapo lamp & shade at a dollar store & the shade is butt ugly. But for $7.00 I knew I could make it fab-u-lous.
2. Hold nasty-ugly lamp shade
for only proof of ever having
something so ugly in my home.

1. Search scrapbook paper
for the perfect piece.

3. Roll lamp shade on
paper to trace. 

4. Tacky glue that sucker
onto the shade.

5. Add purple ribbon left over
from flower ball project.

6. Get frustrated at ribbon's
lack of understanding that
glue means it sticks to
the paper. Remember that
you have 6,000 binder clips
in your desk. 

7. Glue on flowers leftover from
flower ball.
8. Admire your

9. Scrapbook bling!

10. Strategically attach

11. Admire!

12. Tada!

Makes me happy to see all my creativeness displayed. For too long, I've been too exhausted to make time for an imagination & the thought of doing one more thing...even a thing I love...was just too much. I love that I get to take this summer to do some things I love. And that the kids love. Everything I do, at least one of them is right there doing the same, or some other, craft along with me or keeping me company by telling me their deepest thoughts. 

Ginger Girl has a whole bunch of new knick knacks & decorated boxes for her newly made-over dresser. The best part is that we made them together. 

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