That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

4th of July, 2013

We had our 4th annual 4th of July party & we had so much fun with the  friends & family that came throughout the day. We definitely missed those that couldn't be here.

Even some of my sleeping flowers were so excited that they woke up for the party. 

I thought this guy
was dead.
One of my Mother's Day gifts this year: a
Braided Hibiscus. It hadn't bloomed all
summer, until the morning of the 4th.

Ginger Girl & her baby boy Zipper. These
2 are inseparable. 

Mr. & Mrs. Eddi Girl.

At one point hubby was chasing Amazing Grace. I don't know why. I turned around & saw the 2 of them running & then her hiding. 

"Where did she go?"
"I don't get it. She
was just running & now
she's gone."
"Where could she be?"

She picked the awesomest hiding spot EVER...

"No one will see me behind these 4
leaves on this big hill in the corner."

Can't see Amazing Grace? Let me zoom in for you...

Perfect hiding spot, no?

Yeah, she's silly. I'm so glad my kids have my sense of humor & give me permission to put the silly pictures of them on my blog. What others find embarrassing, we find fun. There is a metric ton of pictures that aren't allowed on here, so they definitely dictate what gets shared...which is why some children have more goofy pictures here than others. You should see what they tell me 'no' to! 

They're so strange. 
Back to the silly Amazing Grace who likes to pretend no one can see her on top of a hill. I got this picture of her & Added Daughter being ridiculously goofy...

And then this one... very strange. 

...which made Amazing Grace say, "Let's see how big we can get our hair to go!" And off they went to do their hair big. 

And big they did...

Photobomb by Blondie!
This picture cracks me up every time I look at it.
Toddlers & Tiaras ain't got nothin' on
this big hair.

My baby girl & her
big hair. 

We don't look a thing alike, do we?

And another silly girl...

Blondie... clone. 

One of my favorite pictures from the day...

Ginger Girl & hubby so happy.

We had 2 girls who wanted their slice of watermelon to be the size of their heads. Never wanting to disappoint...

"Dare me to eat all of this?"

Can't forget the Kung Fu Water Fight that Boy Teenager & 1 of his friends had. I mean, what is a beach-themed party without pool antics? Well, we did have the friend who cannon balled into the pool & caused small children to wash out of the pool onto the deck, arms waving, legs flailing, mouths silently open in shock. But Boy Teenager & his friend started this Kung Fu fighting complete with Japanese dialog. They were so great that others were convinced they really knew Japanese (they don't). 

Boy Teenager's friend dunked.
I'm not sure the rules of Kung Fu Water Fight, but it was a lot of loud talking, surprise dunking, & yelling in each other's faces. 

Boy Teenager catching
his escaping friend.

Night swimming is the best, according to my kids, so of course they got all the kids to join them in the pool after the fireworks. By the way, hubby put on some great fireworks. We had people sitting on the curb up & down our street, just to watch our fireworks. Go hubby!

He wasn't the only 1 to be totally amazing. I had fun with the beach theme. I didn't get pictures of the food all in sand buckets with shovels instead of spoons. Or my sand pudding, because it was eaten before I could even get my camera, but that was pretty darn cool looking. And yummy! I put banana pudding mixed with cinnamon Cool Whip in a sand bucket. Topped it with crushed graham crackers & some sea shells. Put the shovel in & voila! It was so realistic looking that Mom 2 told my niece not to eat the decoration on the table. Niece had to tell her, "No, Grandma, it's pudding, see? It just looks like sand!" 

I also didn't get pictures of the decorations until after fireworks, so my flowers are a bit pouty. 

Flag, sea shells, life saver mirror, Corona
bottle filled with sand & bean flowers.

I got hubby crafty! He helped me make these.
Citronella candles in jars with sand dollars
& sea shells, tied with raffia & starfish.

Sad, sad bean flowers.

Was cute before it was pouty. 

Surf board floatie pool toy with candle jars
& sea shells.

A pretty & creative way to use
citronella candles & keep bugs away.

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