That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Week in Pictures

The last 7 days have been a roller coaster of emotions. Since I have a ton of different feelings going on, as happens with a death of a loved one while also dealing with a heavy load of other stressful events (even some with great outcomes), I'm going to focus on the parts of the last week that have made me laugh.  

One of those moments was the night that hubby man & I were watching Tattoo Nightmares, with another one of their fabulous cover-ups on this guy who was totally  hot not my type. With the way that they scanned over the picture of the cover-up at the reveal, I couldn't read what they had written across the top. I rewound & paused it so that I could read it. 

Hubby said, "Abu-dance...abu-donce...aubu-donce?" 

I looked at him & asked, "Is that African?" 

Hubby: "I don't know. Aubu-donce. I wonder what it means." 

Me: "I have no idea. Is it like hakuna matata?"

As I about peed myself laughing I tried very hard to point out the 'n' that he obviously missed. 


After he saw that 'n', he laughed till I swear he cried. Then he sang a song that I have not been able to get out of my head since. And aren't I lucky that he enjoys singing it at random times too:

Aubu-donce, aubu-donce,
Does whatever, and aubu does.
Can he fly? No, he can't. 
'Cause he's an aubu.

Sound familiar? 

I enjoy getting my girly nails done. They're pretty much an accessory like my jewelry & it is such a relaxing Me Time. 

And my Nail Lady is pretty funny when she's telling me what I want or that she doesn't like what I want so she'll make it better. Last week I picked out a purple & she told me that she knows it's my favorite color but she was putting that one back & getting me a brighter purple. Okay. 

When I told her I wanted purple on 4 fingers but I didn't know what I wanted on my ring fingers, she said, "You want somethin funky. I think it out. You pway your game, no yook at me, & I wi' do funky." So I played Candy Crush (I have been stuck on Level 110 for a month now, dang it) & didn't look up, just as I was ordered to. 

After Nail Lady did my nails, she admired her work & said, "You hot. Rea'y, you hot. You nee' go out & show them nails 'round. Not jus' out. Go to bar. Go to bar with dancing & flashing light cuz that geen gows." Under the UV drying lamp, I did see that the green on my ring fingers does in fact glow yellow. 

As I was drying, Nail Lady stopped her work on another customer to come over & peek into the dryer. "Oh, you so hot. I yove it! Tonight, I go to do that my toes!" When I was dry she showed everyone in the salon my nails & made sure they knew that she was the one that did them. She also said, "I s'pise her. She want funky. I know her yong time. I know what she yike. She yike funky & silver. She hot!" 

Purple, silver,
& funky design... fingers
made for going out.
If you look closely you can see there is a thin silver line along the bottom of the purple on each fingernail. 

She's gettin' into
her song. 
Really into it.
She's not in pain, I swear. 
6 of us were trapped in the truck together when Amazing Grace did her usual ritual of singing. Since she figured out she had a voice, Amazing Grace has sang along to whatever song is on the radio, on her MP3, on her phone, in her brain. Whether she has ear buds in so that no one else can hear the music or not, she is singing out loud. Thank goodness the child has a beautiful singing voice.

Apparently a beautiful voice does not mean a thing to a brother. With perfect timing, I captured exactly what Boy Teenager was thinking at that moment.

Watch it, Amazing Grace. He's not amused.

Notice Unhappy Blondie in the back there? She forgot her ear buds for her phone, so she was the only 1 without her personal music. Oh, poor Blondie had to listen to the radio...same music but with commercials. For shame!

Hubby & I went to eat at one of his favorite restaurants. We both get the same thing every time we go there--he gets the rare tuna & a salad. I get the prime rib, mooing, with wild rice & a salad. They also serve the best rolls with this garlic paste that is out of this world! We could eat a dinner of just the garlic paste & rolls, but since that would look odd, we get a meal with it. 
Even away from home we
have cats on the brain. 

After we were done eating, hubby's place mat had a unique spill on it. 

My Grampa always said, "Life is uncertain, eat dessert first." We didn't follow his advice this time but we did save room for dessert. Culver's! If you don't live in Wisconsin, you should because Culver's is divine. Frozen custard with fruit on it? Tcha. 

I sat down in a booth & then realized hubby wasn't taking a seat with me.

Apparently going on a date doesn't
always mean you'll sit together.

According to him, that booth just looked better. I thought they looked the same. Silly me. 

After he decided he does actually prefer to sit with me & he just wanted to see how long I'd sit without him, we did sit together. Sitting together + available camera = our usual. 

Don't be scared, hubby...
...we were made for each other.

And that's when we noticed the employee standing a booth away watching us. She laughed & said, "You guys are so cute!" Out of all the words she chose to use to describe us, I wasn't expecting that one.  

I think he's glad we sat together after all. 

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