That's Me

That's Me

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ginger Girl's Dresser Makeover

Ginger Girl trying to sleep with
the 2 Ginger cats. 

Ginger Girl's room was 1 of the recipients of the Summer of Makeovers. With a pretty blue paint & tons butterflies on the walls, I'm really proud of how it turned out. Blondie painted the room & she did a really great job, but she has announced she is never, ever painting an entire room again. Ginger Girl helped me paint her dresser & book shelves pink with yellow trim & added some of the butterflies that are on the walls. 

The girls helped me position the butterflies on the walls (& 1 on a window when I wasn't looking that neither girl will 'fess up to) & the garbage can. Writing "Happiness Dwells in the Soul" over the window completed the look & the 3 of us stepped back to admire our awesome creative powers.

Watson so admired the makeover on the dresser that he just had to get a closer look. A much closer look. No matter what I did, that cat would not stay off the top of that dresser. As soon as I'd put him on the floor, he'd jump up to lay there again to have his picture taken with the dresser. He's just so proud of our work, that he wants to show it by being in the picture.

By the way, do you see how incredibly large Watson is? His belly sways from side to side when he walks. It flops up & down when he runs. It's quite...something. 

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