That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Saw John, Paul, George, Ringo (Lookalikes)

To say I love The Beatles is a gross understatement. I was clearly born in the wrong era because I would have been a total Beatles groupie, quitting my job & leaving my family to follow the band around & hope one of them loves me. 

Wikipedia defines a groupie: mean a particular kind of female fan assumed to be more interested in relationships with rock stars than in their music. A groupie is generally considered a devoted female fan of a band or musical performer. The term originates from the female attaching herself to a band. A groupie is considered more intense about her adored celebrities than a fan and tends to follow them from place to place. A groupie will attempt to have a connection with the band and may seek sexual or intimate contact. Source

Photobombed by a tree...looks
like I have a very unique 'do.
We all know Wikipedia is The Source of All Knowledge (ha ha, choke, ha ha), but this is a darn good definition. The only thing not true for me is the assumption, because I'm equally as interested in the music as in the band members. Or a few of the members. While I'd be a Beatles groupie for John & Paul, I wouldn't mind George friending me in a purely platonic way. Not so much Ringo. I don't know anyone obsessed with Ringo, honestly. He was a drummer with a big nose & that's about it.

Darn tree.
Music is a big part of my world. When I'm sad, down, upset, happy, perky, busy, elated, annoyed, joyful, crying, sick, annoying, moody...The Beatles are probably playing in the background. I have playlists for everything I do--study music, driving music, happy music, loving music, dance music, it goes on & on. The Beatles are in each playlist, multiple times. John & Paul speak to me. George & Ringo are along for the ride, really. 

Hubby & I went to a Beatles tribute concert. The band members looked & sounded just like the real dudes. I was very happy.

"The Fab Four"

What could be better than getting to feel like you're watching the real Beatles? Running into friends that you didn't know would be there. We went from the 2 of us to our own Fab Four for the night.
Good man knows where
his bread is buttered
Darn sun
As the sun was in their faces, they told hubby to stand in front of it so they didn't have to shield their own eyes. Smart man that he is said, "I'm keeping the sun out of her face from here. I'm not stupid enough to move!" Good man. 

The first band, who's name is extremely, extremely close to Free Beers--how disappointed was I when I realized the emcee didn't actually say, "Are you all ready for the free beers? Who is excited about the free beers? Bring on the free beers!!"--was obviously not our favorite part...

Wake me when the good
music starts

Costume change #1

Bubble machine!

"John" looked at me!

Costume #3


What would be a concert with a couple almost-as-crazy-as-myself friends without a few great photo opps? One of them would be this guy we saw wearing a t-shirt with a...statement.

"Experience the Presidential Treatment
Oval Office Gentlemen's Club"

Would we really be able to not do something about that shirt? 

And the guy never noticed

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