That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Even More Goodies For Me aka Scrubs From Heaven

When I received a basket full of goodies from a nurse/nursing student giveaway, I was thrilled. When Blondie came in the house yesterday & said there was a big box with my name on it, out by the fire pit, I was perplexed. 

When I opened the box & found that that basket was not all I'd won, I was overjoyed. I'd won scrubs & shoes. I love scrubs. I love buying them & wearing them. They're comfortable & they're not all baggy & saggy anymore. Scrubs come in all sorts of colors & styles & they can be fitted for every size & shape. They can actually be pretty cute now. 
Check it out. More goodies!
Nursing shoes are pretty awesome too. They're so comfortable & make it much easier to be on your feet for the majority of a day. But dang, they're expensive. By the time you buy the scrub top & bottom, nursing socks & shoes, you've spent over $100 for 1 outfit to wear to work. So it's no surprise when I say that I was extremely happy to have won a complete outfit, between the 2 boxes of prizes. 
I have been needing to get a new pair of nursing shoes before I start clinicals & I always "need" new scrub tops & bottoms. I am so excited to win this. 

It also makes me feel good that someone recognizes the effort it takes to get through these courses to become a nurse & wants to surprise someone just because of those efforts. I was feeling discouraged & just ready to be done. I wasn't sure how much more of this school thing I could do. The stress was getting to me big time & I was questioning if I even wanted to be a nurse this badly. Dude, I've got 27 children or what feels like 27 children & the crazy, busy schedules to go along with a large & blended family. Is it really worth juggling so much at once, all the time, without dropping a ball, ever? Is it worth it? For me, yeah, it is. 

And it will be when I get to look back at my time in school as a memory, after I start my new career. This was the best thing to remind me of that & now I'm ready to hit those books again.

I have no idea why the UPS shipment gods decided to put the second box inside our locked fence, in the back yard, by the fire pit, or when they did it. Or how on earth this box survived hubby's burning madness the other day when he just had to burn all the boxes, papers, & brush. When that boy is on a burning roll, he wouldn't notice that a box wasn't empty. It's a miracle. Or how this box survived the nasty storms we've had lately. Another miracle.

Maybe the box got to where it was & remained safe from all dangers because it actually fell from Heaven during the night. Now that makes for an awesome story when a coworker asks me where I got my new shoes. I'm stickin' with that one.

Heavenly scrubs?

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