That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lennon & Louie Sittin' on a Bed, K I S S I N G...

During our trip to Chicago for Valentine's Day, hubby got me my very own stingray & named him Louie. I love Louie Stingray. Louie sleeps with me every night, as do the naughty cats. 

Every morning I wake up to a missing Louie. If hubby sees him before he leaves for work, he tucks him back into his spot in bed. Sometimes Louie has already gone into the deep abyss that is the Cats' Hiding Spot before even hubby is awake. Then it's up to me to find Louie. After I've had my coffee & am able to function without grunting & zombie walking of course.

If I'm lucky I have an easy time finding Louie, but more often than not, I'm not. Louie is often smack dab in the farthest reach under the bed or way, way behind my desk. I know exactly who the daily thief is because on the days I'm lucky in my search, I find poor little Louie in these compromising positions  (pictures taken on many separate days)...

Lennon: "You can't fool me.
You're not petting me; you're
wanting to take
my Louie!"
Stingray pillow.

Lennon: "I love you, Louie."
Louie: "Save me." 
Stingray belly pillow.

Lennon: "I know
you love me."

Lennon: "Uh, no, you will
not be taking Louie from me."

Stingray face pillow.

Lennon: "I'm not holding Louie here. He's free
to go at anytime. Right, Louie? Right?"
Louie: "Uh...of course...?"

Lennon: "Stay just a wee bit longer."
Louie: "Sure, babe."
Lennon: "I know you
love me too, Louie."
Lennon: "I love when
 you look at me longingly 
like that, Louie."

Lennon is a naughty, little, rotten, stingray thief.

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