That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Night with Ginger Girl

With 27 children or what feels like 27 children it can be a challenge to get alone time with each child. It's easy to tell the other children to go do something & they do understand when a sibling needs Mom Time here & there, so that's not the hard part. The hard part is working it into the schedule to be able to take them out to eat or on a fun day without anyone else. Finding a few hours where I don't have to run the Mom Taxi, let a teenager take my truck to work, or just a few hours where I can get away from all the demands can be difficult. 

It just worked the other day that every single child had somewhere to be, except Ginger Girl. Hubby & I looked at each other & knew instantly that Ginger Girl was going to get to do whatever she wanted that night. 

She was thrilled. She picked a restaurant & a movie & giggled like it was the bestest secret in the world. She couldn't wait for everyone else to find out what she got to do while they were all gone. 

The restaurant she picked just so happens to be one of my favorite restaurants. When we walked in & the hostess saw us with just 1 child, she asked where the other kids were. She also called me by my name & told me they didn't have Clam Chowder. Ginger Girl looked in awe as she asked how they know that I have more kids & what my favorite soup is. I told her they're just that good at reading people's minds. 

When we ordered & I was again called by my first name, Ginger Girl couldn't hold back, "They know your name here??" The waitress said, "Yeah, and this is the first time she's been here. Can you believe it?" 

Plate #? of chocolate
covered goodness.
Ginger Girl thought ordering a steak & enjoying the chocolate fountain was the most awesome thing ever. Watching her grin from ear to ear & be giddy over being the only child to enjoy a Grown Up Dinner made me melt inside. She's just so stinkin' cute. 
"I'm busy, Mom."

Of course a chocolate fountain creates a great photo opp. 


"You've got something
on your face, sweetie."

That's my baby girl.
After her steak, which she proclaimed amazing & delicious, & the chocolate fountain that she thought was the best thing ever invented, we went home to watch Oz the Great & Powerful. Hubby & I had seen it in the theater & knew Ginger Girl would love it, so I bought it the day it came out. A night with her parents to herself was the perfect time in her mind to watch it. 

Before the movie was over, I had a child crawling into my lap, "Mommy, my tummy doesn't feel so good. I think I had too much chocolate fountain. But it was worth it."

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