That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some More Watson & Lennon

How much do Watson & Lennon love each other? A lot. They did not grow up together but they definitely act like they are litter mates.

If Lennon can't find Watson he walks around the house crying for him. Like last night when Watson was laying on the entryway table & Lennon stood underneath it howling. Watson just kept looking down from his perch, watching Lennon howl & walk back & forth underneath him. Finally Blondie picked Lennon up & put him next Watson. All was well as Lennon laid down next to Watson & went to sleep.

Watson has an inner clock & knows when it's his bedtime. He used to just walk into my room & lay in his spot on the bed at 10:00 every night. Now he will go nudge Lennon where ever he is at & paw at him until Lennon follows him into the bedroom. Watson will not even jump on the bed until Lennon is on the bed. Not just in the room, but on the bed.

It's pretty cute how Watson has taken over this big brother role for Lennon, teaching him how to do things he was deprived of before & leading him into trouble. Not only do they do all the naughty, rotten deeds together, sleep together, & eat together, but they also bathe each other. Like a Mama bathes her kittens.

Like toddlers, the cute moments like this almost make up for the moments when they're playing so rough that they literally knock doors down. Almost. 

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