That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Arrival of...Fun?

I had to go to the Man Store. Again.
Man Store Face.

It wasn't so bad & it was actually my idea to go this time. Not that I enjoyed it in the is Menards...but I didn't die. And I got my craft project items, so it's all good.

I was on a mission, briskly walking for the aisle I needed, looking straight ahead, avoiding the urge to turn around & run out. Or hang my head in boredom. And that's when I saw what I desperately need.

This should be named
The Menopause Fan.

I know it's a barn fan; I've seen them many times in my life. Something about seeing it on the shelf in all its glory, with the ray of light shining on it like a beacon from Heaven, made me really see it for all it is. The menopausal woman's friend, the cooler of all that is internally on fire, the fan of dreams.

Besides Menards, I also had to pick up our new pool. Considering how much they wanted for delivery, it was worth it to pick it up myself. I've always had Intex pools, which I liked, but this is my first "real" pool. Real, as in perfectly leveling the ground for 8 hours, building a deck, filling with water for 4 days, & lots of "oh crap"s & "shoot"s coming from the direction of set-up.

But before we could get to, or even knew about, all that fun, I had to pick up the source of said fun. 

I backed my truck up to the back of the pool place & went in to tell them I was there for my order. The boy working the desk, looked me up & down & said, "It's not going to fit in a car. You need to get a truck." Excuse me, Mr. Pimple Face? Do you really think I would show up to get a pool in a car? Seriously, do you talk to all women this way? I'll take a great big guess here that you're single. 

After informing Rude Boy that I would like to speak to someone who would not talk down to me...& being granted that wish...I was an awesome supervisor as both guys loaded the pool in for me. 

After some time, the guys loading the several boxes were all, "'s not going to fit after all. These 2 boxes have nowhere to go." Oh, really? Meet The Power of Eddi. I can pack 8 people, all their suitcases, pillows, blankets, & fun "riding on a long trip" gear, along with snacks & drinks for everyone, into my truck. I am the master. 

I showed those boys how packing is like a puzzle. Bow to the master.

As box after box was being loaded into my truck, I knew I was in trouble when the shocks kept groaning. Then I heard a big puff of air...

Poor truck is not meant to be a low rider.

...& bye bye shocks. 

I got to drive an hour home with no shocks. And a demon back that does not tolerate sudden jerking caused by no shocks. Poor me. 

This was my rear view when I got into the truck...

Just a few boxes, no big deal.

The kids came running out of the house when I pulled into the driveway, all excited that the pool was finally here. They were all prepared to help carry boxes into the garage, still full of excitement. Until I opened the doors & they saw what they had to carry...

Short boxes...
...long boxes...

...big box & a filter.

Now the fun was ready to begin! 

And a week of fun it has least for me, considering that my main job since hauling it all home has been camera-holder & document-er of all that is fun about installing this big guy.

I rocked that Man Store
& showed the pool boxes
(& boys) who is boss.

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