That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Fashion Lesson

Lennon & Watson love each other. They chase each other, they bring toys to each other, they roll around & toss each other across the room. All day long. And all night long.

Sometimes they get a bit rough. Like when they were wrestling on my bed, rolled off the bed & onto the floor, & right into the screen door. A new fix-it project...

See the gap up there...the one 
that's not supposed to be there?

See the door completely off the track?

...yup, The Boys did all that.

To get an idea of exactly how they did that, watch this video. Little Blondie & I were laying out her clothes so she could learn how to match outfits, which has been something of a struggle for her. To help her understand what colors/prints/materials go together, what type of clothing is appropriate for what weather & occasion, & play clothes vs. public clothes, we laid some outfits out so I could teach her with visuals.

The Boys had other ideas of what those clothes were laid out for. Before the camera came on, Watson had picked up shirts in his mouth & carried them to drop on top of Lennon. That is what started what you are about to see. It was so very kind of us to give them more toys in the form of little girl clothing.

Try sleeping with that going on. Only replace the floor for your bed & the clothes for your body. Nightly.

At least Little Blondie learned how to pick out her own clothes in 1 short session. The perfect way to get a lesson to become a memory: throw some entertainment in with it.

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