That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Morning Surprise!

This morning started out the same as every other morning. We are very scheduled people, which is only made 100 times more important by having 8 people to get ready in the morning with only 1 bathroom. Everyone has their shower times, spaced out perfectly so that no one is without hot water, & timed perfectly so that no one is running late. No one oversleeps because that would throw a kink into this whole well-oiled smooth-running machine. 

Hubby kissed me goodbye & headed to the garage. Normally I wouldn't see him for 11-12 hours after that, but I got a surprise when he came back in after 3 minutes instead. I turned to him to see a cat in his arms. 

Now, I'm not a morning person. I can't even form words until about 8:00 in the morning. Just because my eyes are open & my body is moving--albeit slowly--doesn't mean my brain has woken up yet. It takes caffeine to do that part. 

So when I saw a cat, it took me a few seconds to realize it wasn't one of ours. 

We have no idea how or when he got into the garage but there he was waiting for hubby to find him. I have a friend who has a mob of gold & white cats & she is constantly telling me I want one of them. Last summer she even  threatened offered to leave one or more in a basket on my doorstep so I'd find it in the morning. My first thought was, "Dear Lord, she finally did it. How did she get the security code to get into the garage last night?"

He was very hungry but very happy to be around people. Watson, on the other hand, was not so happy to have a new friend in the house. He is also not a morning  person cat, he was hungry, had been neglected for a few hours where no one petted or fed him. And now suddenly his family was oohing, aahing, & loving on someone else. 

5 hours later, Watson is still growling & terrorizing this poor guy. Especially when the new one jumps on my lap & I...oh no...dare to pet him. 

He likes being scratched.
And my Comfy Blanket.
Pretty little guy on
my lap.

"Did you just touch that thing?!"

"Get him off my bed, off my Mama, & off
our Comfy Blanket! He's

I'll put posters up at the gas stations & call the police station to see if anyone has reported a lost cat. It's not common for me to have stray cats around my house & this guy is so friendly that I know he was an indoor pet. He also doesn't mind the 3 cats or playful dog in his face, so he's obviously used to other pets in his home. 

I did name the little guy after one of the best musicians ever, in the off chance that we have to keep him. I mean, I'm not going to let him go back to being homeless if no one claims him. Saving's always been my cross to bear. 

Until/if he is claimed, Watson is going to have to get used to sharing his Mama with Lennon. 

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