That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Full of Excitement

It did not feel like just 6 days when hubby was in Texas. I slept very little, I constantly felt like a piece of me was missing or I was forgetting something, & it was a very long week. 

All the kids also missed him terribly. Ginger Girl & hubby used to butt heads a lot. She had trouble sharing her Mom, she would argue with every little thing he said, & didn't easily accept his role in our family. The good that came of hubby's work trip away from home is that that changed for her. While he was gone, she would cry at night that it just wasn't right without him & she missed him. When he came home she hugged him & said "I love you" to him for the first time. It melted my heart to hear & see that. I think I may have seen a tear in hubby's eye when it happened. 

He was gone during Ginger Girl's 10th Birthday & she said we had to celebrate her Birthday again the next day when he came home. She said it was the best Birthday present to have him home. The tablet she got for her Birthday (to replace the one she'd gotten for Christmas that irreparably broke 2 months later) made her over the moon happy too, but wasn't as great of a present as her step-father coming home. Aww.

The day I picked hubby up at the airport, I couldn't contain my excitement. 

"He landed!" 
"I see him!"
"He's in the airport!"

My excitement may have been a
wee bit overwhelming. 

That's better.

What can I say? Life is just better when you've got your Other Half by your side.

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