That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spontaneous Day Off

Today I got to do something I don't get to do nearly enough. No, not bathe without little people company or sleep more than 4 hours a day.

I got to take 1 child, just 1, for a carefree day of whatever we wanted to do. Not only is it difficult to do with our schedules and with 27 children who all want time with Mama, but a whole day of carefree spontaneity? Unheard of!

Well, I did it. I put the homework away. I ignored the laundry. I closed the laptop. I told everyone I was taking a day off. I got in the car with a smiling Blondie & we went wherever our hearts took us.

First we went to a huge rummage sale fest in a city that we love. My kids & I love rummage sales. It's exciting to find that house that has a whole season's worth of Abercrombie & Fitch or Gap clothes for 1 of the kids at a great deal. I'm grateful that none of my kids developed some nasty attitude toward second-hand clothing & appreciate a good value when they see one.

Blondie & I had so much fun literally filling our car up with good deals. Hubby's recent weight loss was a great excuse for me to buy him a new wardrobe of dress/office clothes. I've finally realized that my children & husband are correct when they tell me I look best in colors, so I had fun buying a new wardrobe to replace all the black & grey that I was wearing. And of course 27 growing children are always in need of clothing.

During our rummage saling I had gotten a McDonald's Coke. Then I got another at the mall when we hit up the awesome sale at Delia's...a shopping spree that 13 year old Blondie was not expecting me to suggest since I detest the mall.

Blondie asked me why I was willing to wait in line so long at McDonald's for their Coke when I could have gone to any of the other food court places that has Coke & not had a long wait.

Even though I dearly love Coke, there's really only one explanation I could give her: "McDonald's perfected the Coke syrup/water combo just right. It's pure perfection. It's got this cinnamon undertone that no other place has & it's always perfect, never off. I swear they put crack in it to make you addicted to it. It's Crack Coke." She laughed. I was serious.

After rummage sales, the mall, & all of our other fun, we stopped at Sam's Club. Other people shop there to stock up, I go there for regular weekly groceries.

Apparently we shopped till we literally dropped. Or at least 1 of us did. Blondie decided she just couldn't hold her head upright or keep her eyes open one minute longer while in line at Sam's Club.

A box of Krispies treats in the
shopping buggy makes a
great resting spot.

Since Spring is finally here in Wisconsin, which simply means it hasn't snowed in the last 48 hours & we didn't need down coats while outside today, Blondie wanted to celebrate by eating dinner outside. I guess we needed to soak up every last little bit of nice weather while the day lasted.

We grilled out & then ate at the patio table that hasn't been used in 6 months. That's when I wondered how in the world Little Blondie ended up with cottage cheese in her hair & baked beans on her forehead.

"What? You don't eat
with your whole face?"

Little Blondie was so confused why we were telling her to wipe her face. I was confused how someone could not feel a pound of food on their face. So I showed her what she looked like.

I missed my mouth a few times. 

After trying it out myself, I still don't understand how she didn't know that much food was on her face. I couldn't take it for more than 3 seconds. Even Crack Coke can't make me ignore half a meal on my face. 

I guess if Little Blondie doesn't learn to pay attention to where her food ends up, I can just hope she never eats in public. After all, food on the face is no more attractive on a 33 year old than it is on an 8 year old. 

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