That's Me

That's Me

Friday, April 26, 2013

Bathroom Makeover Results

My Week of Adventure, the week I found out that my toilet & tub were only held in place by a miracle, turned into my gorgeous new bathroom. With no explanation as to what was keeping us from having already fallen through to the basement because the floor was so bad underneath everything, we commenced with Operation Bathroom Makeover

I am so excited about my new bathroom. It's beautiful & as much as I hated the dusty, time consuming, and loud inconvenience that is a remodel, it was worth it. It was even worth me shopping at a :gulp: man's store. 

Hubby was gone when Operation Bathroom Makeover took place & the only thing he saw before it was done was the tile. The rest I picked out while he was away for a week. I'm happy to report that the hubs is very happy with all the hardware, accessories, & paint I chose.

Here are a few Before shots. 

Watson inspecting the sink after
Nemo got a drink out of the faucet.
He refuses to believe the treat she
gets there is truly just water. 

The sink was at my hip level & the medicine cabinet sink was so low that I had to bend over to do my hair & makeup. I'm not that tall. I'm 5'10". It shouldn't be too much to ask for a mirror I can see in that doesn't require a post-makeup visit to the chiropractor. In addition to everything in the bathroom being much too low, it was all also old, outdated, ugly. 

Sophie watching Watson & Nemo on
the sink, waiting her turn for a drink. 

The floor was typical old linoleum. It was stained & just ugly. The heater in the corner there was old & falling apart. 

Here is the bathtub & tile on Day 3 of Bathroom Remodel. 

1 of my pet peeves: tp on the back of the toilet.
Ugh. Thankfully it was temporary.

The bathroom now:

New sink, perfect height. 
I love the new sink & faucet!
I also no longer bend over to see my head in the mirror.

The light before the mirror was put up. 

Built-in cupboard
before doors. It
replaces the 3-shelf
that you can see by the
sink in
the  first picture
with the cats.

Hooks replaced the old towel bar.

Tile floor, new shower curtain, new
wall color, the new heater will
go in that spot on the right where
the old, rusted heater was. 

The bath mat I got is a Memory Foam bath mat that I got at Sam's Club for $12.00. It's like stepping onto a cloud! It's so amazingly soft & beautiful. I have talked about Blondie's favorite hang out spots & this mat is now added to that list. I'm thinking about getting her one for her spot behind the couch so that 7 people are not constantly kicking her out of the bathroom to go read elsewhere. 

I'm so pleased with the results that it was even worth peeing into a Snapple bottle for. 

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