That's Me

That's Me

Monday, February 11, 2013

Join My Adventure!

Last week was an adventure. Yes, that's how I'll word it. An adventure.

Since Wednesday started with me having to be to school & I couldn't just not show up, I should have known that that meant something bad would happen. Isn't that the Universe's Bat Signal to know that it's time to throw some fun adventure into the day?

I was innocently going about my day, preparing for the huge test I had to take & everything else that had to be done, when I did what I shouldn't have done. I flushed the toilet. Unbeknownst to me, the toilet was preparing its attack on me & refused to do its job. Actually, it did the opposite of its job. It spewed all over. And all I could do was helplessly watch as it spewed onto my floor.

I plunged & plunged. I begged. I plunged & plunged. I pleaded. I plunged & plunged.  I wailed, "Why?! Why??".

Then I looked at the time & realized there was only one thing for me to do: clean up the mess & take a shower. Not that I was thrilled to leave a full toilet, but I had to leave, yo.

That's when the shower decided it would join the protesting ranks & also not do its job. At least it didn't do the opposite & add its regurgitated contents to the rest; it just refused to drain.

Off I went to school with a backed-up toilet & undrained bath tub. The funny part? It was still like that when I returned in the afternoon. No Fix-It Fairies for me.

The empty Starbucks venti cup that had held my very yummy reward for the awesome grade I got on my very tough test mocked me. I drank 20 ounces of Cinnamon Latte & had no toilet. I may get great grades but that doesn't mean I'm always smart.

Hubby had even called around to plumbers & no one could come out till Thursday.


When I got home there was still 9 hours left to Wednesday & another 8 hours after that till someone could come fix the issues.

Have I mentioned that there are 8 people in this house? All of whom have good hygiene & like to use the restroom & shower? And that we only have 1 bathroom?

When the snake didn't cause the toilet to flush & the bath tub was still full of water, we knew this was bad. Enter Unhappy Mama.

Thursday came & so did the plumber, though he didn't show up till after 11.  But he did fix the problems, which oddly enough were just coincidental & 1 had nothing to do with the other.

Of course the adventure couldn't end there. We woke Friday morning to find that the furnace went out during the night. Have I mentioned that I live in Wisconsin, the land of frozen people? Or at least everyone else is frozen. I'm Super Menopause Woman, so a 58* house was Heaven for me. The rest of my family did not agree.

The furnace repair man was awesome enough to be able to get here right away. I knew I was in for it when I heard him talking to himself, "Oh boy. Oooohhhh. Boy." Followed by a few of the words that my children are not allowed to say. There are 3 kinds of people you do not want to hear those words from: hair stylist, medical professionals,  repair people. Trust me.

He was able to get the furnace to run through the weekend but has to come back today because of course it couldn't be a simple fix. I mean, the 6 hours he was here on Friday just could not be enough to finish the job.

These are the moments that I look at hubby & say, "Why do we prefer owning a home to renting?" I'd much rather have a landlord taking on these bills.

But wait. I'm not done. We also found out last week that our bathroom floor needs to be replaced like, yesterday. Apparently house repairs don't like going on awesomely laid-out schedules...they make up their own. Seeing as how I don't want to have to explain how my kid ended up in the basement while taking a shower, I'm thinking we best get on that flooring issue.

With all this adventure last week, on top of studying my booty off, I really needed some pampering. I thought a back rub would be nice. I told  hubby that I pulled a muscle knitting, in hopes that he would rub my back. He didn't buy it & I didn't get a back rub.

We'll see who ends up in the basement while taking a shower now. Teach him not to believe me when I say I've pulled a muscle knitting.

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