That's Me

That's Me

Friday, April 12, 2013

Potty Dancing with Grumpy Old Men

Operation Bathroom Makeover commenced on Monday. It was supposed to be 2 days. It's not done yet. It's Friday.

In that time, I have only had an accessible toilet between 4:00p & 7:28a every day. During the time it is back in place & usable, I also have to share that 1 toilet with 27 children.

Bring your toothbrush & you can
do 3 things at once in this set-up! 

Toilets do not belong in tubs.

Thankfully they put it back in its place at night so that I didn't have to put everyone's names on individual restaurant-size pickle jars & line them up in the kitchen. "Here ya go, kids. Our new bathroom."

The only problem is that there was no door at any time of day or night until last night. During all of this The Revolving Door that is my home has not stopped. I still have Extra Children here.

It's pretty awesome to tell kids' friends they can use the bathroom even though it's being worked on...& then see them look 3 times for the door after they go in there. Try being the Mother of Boy Teenager, a child who most definitely does not want to round the corner & be looking straight at his Mother with her pants around her ankles. And it's not like our bathroom is at the end of a hall or even that the toilet is hidden from the doorway. No, it's in the center of our home & the toilet is completely visible when there is no door in place.

This also creates issues with showering. All week random announcements of "I'm taking a shower!" or "I'll be using the bathroom!" have been heard as a warning to others in the house not to walk anywhere near the bathroom.

Have I mentioned that in addition to the lack of door, we also  have had until last night a clear shower curtain framed by a non-clear shower curtain? While it was pretty when the bathroom was completely functional, it's not exactly pleasant to be completely vulnerable while showering. 

I've had all sorts of construction guys in here this week. Young ones, old ones, tall ones, short ones, skinny ones, nice to look at ones. I've gotten to know them & their personalities well. 

The 2 old-ish construction guys here, the guys who were here the most out of all of them, reminded me of Grumpy Old Men. Except they're not grumpy at me. And they're not that old. I did tell them what their arguing & looks they give each other reminds of.

What I've dealt with all week.

They nit pick & argue over everything they have to do together, which is everything. Similar to a few of my children.

One says something & the other is off on a tangent again. One of them even threatened to leave in the middle of the job, causing the other guy to tell him to go ahead. I swear they are saying & doing things just to set the other off. It's quite comical at times. The best part is that one is the employee of the other.

Sunday night I didn't realize that I would have 4 construction vehicles & all of their various tools all over my driveway & garage. If I'd known this, I wouldn't have waited until hour after they were all into the job & there were millions of tools remember the car is in the garage. And surrounded. So much for going anywhere.

No big deal except that I had to pee, had no toilet in my home, & the weather was much too nasty to just walk to the closest neighbor that was home to use their bathroom. Being a person that drinks almost a gallon of water a day, along with coffee & Coke, this was very not good.

By the time I had to go so badly that I knew it was necessary to find something to pee in, it was too late to actually go searching. I couldn't exactly do The Potty Dance through my house in front of countless men. I was holed up in my bedroom studying, they were walking past my door constantly between the garage & bathroom, & I don't have a toilet in my room. But I did have a Snapple bottle.


Monday night I got smarter & parked in the street each night so I wouldn't be parked in. 

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