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That's Me

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Lion King, a Cheetah Booty, a Smiling Sushi Dinner

Last night the hubs & I went to see Lion King. Oh.My.Goodness. That is such an amazing show! Even with all of the wonderful reviews I'd read, Lion King still exceeded my expectations.

My favorite line in the movie is when Scar sighs & says, "I am surrounded by idiots." I love that they kept that line in the show, so I got to hear it again. And I love that the mug I bought during intermission has Scar on one side & that line on the other. I couldn't see the mug very well from where I was in line, but I chose it because it was red & had a lion on it versus the other one that was black & just said Lion King on it.

The show started with all of the animals walking down the aisles while singing. We have aisle seats & they walked right past us. They were singing right next to us! It was beautiful.

I loved how all of the animals were not just people with masks & fur on. With the lions, the lion heads were on top of the people's heads. The hyena heads were hanging down in front of the people, being controlled by one of their hands. The giraffes were people on stilts with their heads being part of the giraffes' necks.

Cheetah & giraffes. 

My absolute favorite animal outside of the main characters was the cheetah. He (she?) was so graceful & beautiful. I could have watched a whole show of just him/her. I loved that the person walked so gracefully & deliberately, lending to the image of the animal cheetah they were carrying. The person's & the animal's heads were connected by wires & their every movement was in unison. It was beautiful to watch. 

I loved how the person-cheetah's butt was defined & whenever they turned around, it looked just like a cheetah's butt does. They even had spots on the person's tushy, with their cheeks all outlined.  


The gazelles were a close second favorite. I loved how the people wearing them would bob up & down & rhythmically move their arms with their heads so that the gazelle on their head was leaping with the ones on their arms.  Or they would bound across the stage so that all 3 gazelles were quickly leaping through the grass. 


The animals celebrating Simba's birth.

I was in awe throughout the entire show. Many times I found myself having to close my mouth, wondering how long I'd been sitting there with it open. 

I would like to shake the hand of the person that designed the male costumes. Not only were they of amazing & beautiful craftsmanship but they did not make tops with their costumes. Bottoms & heads, that was it. Except for Pumba & Timon, but honestly, that's okay. The rest of the animals though...all I can say is that I had no idea lions had such abs. 

While I got eye candy in the male costumes, hubby got...women dressed in 3 layers from head to toe. 

After intermission the animals again walked past us on their way to the stage. They stopped in the aisle & right next to us stopped the most amazing hyena. He looked at me while he sang & I almost wept. His voice, his face, his abs...we definitely had a moment while he was standing 1 person away from me, singing to me. That 1 person between us...why oh why did I let him get the aisle seat this time? 

It didn't take long for both hubby & I to forget the people were there. All we saw were animals & we were absorbed in the animals' story. It was such a well done show; the music was amazing, the voices were amazing, the costumes were amazing. Lion King is up there with Wicked & Les Mis for me. 

On the way home I predicted which of the characters were hubby's favorites. I was correct when I guessed the stupid hyena with his tongue hanging out & saying dumb things. No matter what we are watching, what we are doing, he always falls in love with the stupid characters. 

We discovered that I, on the other hand, always root for the underdog. The bad guy, the wicked witch, the evil do-no-gooder. I love Scar. He's always been my favorite in this story, just like I love the Wicked Witch of the West in Wizard of Oz & Elphaba in Wicked. 

I'm sure some are thinking there is this deep, intense psychological meaning behind the reasons our hearts reach out to the same types of characters every single time...but I just can't think of what that reason would be. 

Both of us found a favorite in the baboon, Rafiki. The woman had an amazing voice, was both hilarious & moving at the right moments, & was great at her role. 


After a stressful week of hubby in Texas, no bathroom for full days at a time, numerous construction men in & out of my house, doing the whole Parenting On My Own thing again, & trying to study while managing the home, I was so excited to have a relaxing night out. I was so happy to have hubby to myself & get away from the stress, that even my dinner couldn't keep from smiling. 

After dipping our sushi in our wasabi/soy sauce blend, the sauce, rice, & coconut made a cheesy little surprise for us. 

No matter how many times I load this
picture it turns itself sideways.
You can deal with it. 
Having my hubby home, I've had a cheesy little grin too. That's okay. I'm sure he'll do something Stupid Hyena-ish & the Annoyed Eddi look will replace it. 

One of our favorite pictures; classic Annoyed
Eddi & Annoying Mr. Eddi looks. 

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