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Friday, April 19, 2013

Continued Prayers for MA

When I opened my eyes this morning, my first thought was, "Another dreary day with snow." I also thought about my friends & family in MN & was thankful they made it through their big snowstorm okay. Then I looked at my To Do List with all that I had to do.

As I do every morning while going through the day's To Do List, I turned on Good Morning America. My list was quickly forgotten as I watched the news. My thoughts changed from my small concerns to everyone in & around Boston.

All those parents who had to tell their children that they wouldn't be going to school this morning. The parents who had to decide how to tell their children that the bomber could be in their neighborhood & they couldn't leave their homes or open their doors to anyone. As they're locking their doors & watching out their windows as the police come down their streets & helicopters roam the sky, what are they telling their children? How are they masking their fear in hopes of calming their children?

Every single person who is in their home living with a level of fear that I've never encountered & can only imagine. A fear that the bomber could break into their home or be in their neighbor's home holding a person or family hostage.

The people who are sitting in their living rooms, not moving, glued to their TV's, waiting for news that this nightmare is over.

The men & women who are in the midst of everything, doing their best to hunt down this man.

The loved ones of those in the middle of searching for the bomber, knowing that the bomber is willing to die for his cause & take down any officials in his path. The wives & husbands that kissed their spouse goodbye last night or this morning, not knowing if they'd see them again. The children waiting, wondering if their parent will come home today after searching for this man.

What are those people doing right now? Holding their children close, clinging to their loved ones, texting friends & family far away to tell them they are okay? Praying for safety? Are they mentally calculating how much food they have if this lasts for days? Are they thinking about how they are going to help their children fall asleep tonight? Are they quickly packing necessities for the possibility they will be evacuated or allowed to leave their home?

How do you go about making meals, sitting down to eat with your children, laying them down for naps or to play? How do you even manage to function with this level of fear in your body & home?

My heart & prayers are with everyone affected by this. The family & friends of the injured & killed officers. The FBI & police working tirelessly to track this man down. The family & friends of the bombers; confused, angry, hurt over the actions of these 2 people they loved & thought they knew. Every person in the area who is living in this nightmare. All the victims of this horrible act & their families & friends.

I pray this ends soon.

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