That's Me

That's Me

Friday, February 22, 2013

Louie Louie, Oh Baby, We Gotta Go!

Say the title--out loud or in your head--a few times. The song is stuck in your head now, isn't it? And now you can't remember the rest of the words to the song, can you? You're welcome.

When I was a kid my Dad was able to take me on some of his bi-weekly business trips & I loved it. I thought I was all special getting this time to go to another state & have these experiences, just Dad & me.

When I was older I found out he took me because my constant chatter kept him awake during the long drives. Hey...I had a lot of thoughts in my little head & I liked to share them. Who am I kidding? I still do, it's just called a blog now.

It worked out for both of us because I got to see some pretty awesome things. Like the funny-shaped little brown things that were coming up near me on the beach that I was exploring. I poked them with sticks & came very close to picking one up by it's odd stick-like tail. I wanted to put it in my backpack & take it home. Then I decided that since it came from the ocean, it would probably not smell too good on the ride home & Dad would find out that I'd hid this alien creature & then I'd get in trouble. Also, even if I did manage to get it home, I didn't know what I'd do with it after that. Living in Wisconsin, I didn't have sea water at my disposal & I was pretty sure I couldn't just keep it in the barn with the sheep.

Sad Me left the brown little guys in the water, even though it really tugged at my heart. I thought they were some of the cutest little things I'd ever seen. When I told my Dad about it later, he got a book ('cause I'm old sp this was pre-Google days) & we looked for the cute little guys so he could see what I was talking about that I fell in love with. When I said, "That's it!" as I saw a picture of one, he thought I was crazy.

Look at those adorable little eyes! Aww, he's just so cute!

The underside of these guys...seriously, does anything have a cuter mouth? I think not.

While my parents were thankful I didn't pick one up after all, they didn't understand why I fell in love with the little guys.

Hubby doesn't understand my desire to swim with them or feed them or touch them. I don't understand that he just can't understand it. But we are each okay with our crazy spouse, so it all works out in the end. Which is a good thing since I'm not sure anyone else would be as okay with my not-normalness.  

At the aquarium last weekend, I was able to stand over a tank of stingrays & watch them! I cannot express my excitement over this. I didn't want to leave. When the little guys looked up at me with their sad round eyes, pleading me to just reach in & pet them...I could have cried. It was a cruel joke to let me get that close but keep us separated by glass.

I wanted to scoop them up & put them in baskets & put bows on them & hug them on rainbows &...okay, not really. But I did want to bring them home.

And I did. Well, not all of them, but I did bring 1 little guy home. I didn't want to be greedy & not leave any for the others who wanted a new buddy.

Wearing the hat I knitted for my cousin's little girl.

It only took me about 25 years but I finally got my stingray. His name is Louie. Hubby named him. He said he just looks like a Louie. I must have been on a pretty strong Happy Hormone High 'cause Louie it is.

Hubby said I'm cuddling Louie every morning when he wakes up. What can I say? Louie doesn't complain about me being a human furnace.


  1. The Toronto Zoo had "Sting ray Bay" as a special attraction 2 different years (haven't been in a few years to see if it's been made permanent). If you are there at the right time, you get to help feed the stingrays, and you get to pet them (and be splashed by them). It's great fun! Too bad they don't have something similar near you.

  2. I'm thinking a trip to Toronto is in our future. I would sit there all day just waiting to feed them.

    I'm now thinking I may want to live near the Toronto Zoo rather than Chicago.


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