That's Me

That's Me

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Son

15 years ago today (being after midnight now, technically it was 15 years ago yesterday) I was holding my second child, my brand-new son, amazed at the wonderful gift God had given me & awe-struck once again at how in love I was with this little person. My 9 lb. 8 oz. 21" baby boy.

1 hour old, looking for his thumb.

Boy Teenager was very hesitant to come into this world at all, from being 2 weeks past his due date to making his birth such an event that it made me say, "I changed my mind. 6 kids? Nah, I'm good with 2." Yeah, God laughed at that one too. But at the time I meant it.

At one point during labor with my son, I locked myself in the bathroom. It was the middle of the night, my parents were asleep in the room next to the bathroom, & all of us were being quiet so as not to wake them. "Us" included the 2 midwives & 1 midwife's assistant/doula. After several hours of excruciating labor at home, I decided I was done. I hobbled to the bathroom, locked the door, & refused to open it. The 4 people on the other side of the door quietly begged me to open the door while I sat there telling them that if they go away the horrendous contractions in my back will stop & I can go to sleep. I know what you're thinking...but in my exhausted want-to-die state, it made sense to me. 

When they threatened to remove the door from its hinges which would surely wake my parents, I caved & opened the door. It's not that I didn't want my parents there, I just wanted them to get their sleep. See, even when I was giving birth, I was a thoughtful person.

After a dramatic entrance which included 2 hours & 45 minutes of pushing, baby facing the wrong direction, a large head, & stuck broad shoulders, I pushed the midwives out of the way & grabbed onto my baby & "caught" him myself. In that moment, it was just my baby & me & no one else mattered.

About 40 minutes after birth. 

Looking at that little guy, I knew immediately that I would do anything for him. Little did I know how intense that feeling would become the older he got. There is nothing I wouldn't do for Boy Teenager. I would find a way to move mountains if he needed or requested it, if it was the very last thing I did in my life.

Boy Teenager is an awesome big/little brother. From patiently helping his siblings with new math concepts to letting the little one pin him when they want to "practice wrestling" he's a pretty great guy to have around.

I remember when I was pregnant with Ginger Girl & 5 year old Boy Teenager announced, "If it's another girl, I'm moving in with Grandma & Grampa!" He meant it too. When he met Ginger Girl the day she was born, I asked him, "When are you moving in with Grandma & Grampa?" Boy Teenager took one look at his newest little sister & with a grin said, "I was just kidding. I really wanted another sister." From that moment on, Ginger Girl had her big brother wrapped around her little pinky. He proudly told everyone that she was his baby & he would make sure she always had at least 1 pink thing on at all times because "I want people to know she's my sister, not a boy."

I am so proud of the young man Boy Teenager is today. He has determination that amazes me & doesn't let anything or anyone stand in his way or get him down. He works hard at everything put in front of him & enjoys challenging himself.

He's a compassionate, intelligent, caring guy & I'm proud to be the one he calls Mom.

15 years old.

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