That's Me

That's Me

Friday, February 22, 2013

Some Commercials Just Are Not Necessary

I had hubby to myself last weekend. It was wonderful! It doesn't happen often between the thing called parenthood, his jobs, my school & work, 27 kids' schedules sending us in different directions, & all the other requirements of life. When it does happen, I get the butterflies in my stomach like when we were dating. It's sweet & special.

We went away for a weekend in Chicago & had so much fun. I was reminded once again why I want to move there so badly. I love the busyness of the big city & all that it has to offer. As soon as my children are grown I look forward to moving to a big city.

There are pros & cons to raising children anywhere & I'm happy with the experiences & lifestyle they've grown up with in small towns. I wasn't meant to stay in a small town tough, I can feel it in my bones, yo.

I very much enjoyed having conversations with my man without being interrupted by little people, no schedule to pay attention to, no one to clean up after. It was bliss. True bliss.

I fully admit that I am addicted to the TV. I accept this. It took hubby a while but he also accepts this about me. I sleep with it on, I have it on for background noise when I'm home alone, & after a long day I like to turn my brain off for a wee bit & watch TV. If the TV is off, there's something serious going on--either I'm upset or I'm thinking really hard. Be warned.

The addiction doesn't end just because I leave home, so the TV was on at times in Chicago.

In the hotel room we were having a romantic evening, not paying attention to the TV until this commercial came on...

Hubby's grim statement: "Great. Now I'm picturing a smelly woman scratching her crusty crotch."

Mood killed.

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