That's Me

That's Me

Monday, December 10, 2012

My Week In Pictures 12/10/12

This is how I found Watson. All the holiday shopping & gift wrapping must really wear this guy out:

He even tucks himself in 

Speaking of finding Sleeping Beauties. I'm guessing you have to be pretty exhausted to fall asleep in these positions:

Amazing Grace & Extra Daughter

My cousin cut down a bunch of pines & offered us one for a free Christmas tree. When I got home from picking it up, I showed the kids our tree. They were not thrilled:

Kids prefer the kind with needles

Hubby & Blondie carefully sorted twinkly lights, plugging in strands, replacing burnt out bulbs, and hanging them exactly where I wanted them. Hubby stood on a step ladder while Blondie climbed on top of the dryer to get them perfectly around the laundry room:  

Isn't it perty?

The next day:


Ginger Girl wrote me a Christmas with list letter:

Sure, that'll work out alright. Right, hubby? Right?

It was time for Watson G to have his Spa Day & get the caps on his nails. This came about because I got a brand-new luggage set that is just gorgeous & the little shit decided to use it for a scratching post. As soon as he saw me, without me saying or doing anything, he ran away. He knew he was naughty. It took me chasing him through the house--thankfully his sloshing, swaying belly slowed him down so it didn't take long to catch him--to be able to get him for Spa Day. This is how he reacts:

Look closely: strings of drool on his chest.
He looks stoned

And just to gross you out:

Kitty drool. Yum.

It's never dull around here. Get it? Scratching his nails...dull around here...?

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