That's Me

That's Me

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Week In Pictures & The Musical Elf

The hubby & I went to see Elf on Saturday night. I was really excited to see it because it's my favorite Christmas movie & I wanted to see someone else's take on it. I was beyond excited to get out with the hubby alone. I share him with so many people all the time that time away for just us is wonderful. I love that we are so lucky to have these tickets to see the arts live & to have a date night.

The actors in Elf were wonderful. They were great dancers & OMG, their voices! A. Maz. Ing!

The 2 of us & the hat.
And that's where the praises of that show end.

Unfortunately, the show was horrible. We almost left at intermission but the idea of having nowhere else to go & ending our date early had us going back to our seats. We did buy a hat for hubby that kept him very happy.

I love that my hubby thinks I'm beautiful but I just realized that this may cloud his view of what I really look like. He took a picture of me in his new hat & said it was "perfect" when he previewed it. I shouldn't have trusted his opinion. 

I will have to remember to always have him take 2 pictures of me every single time, because this is what I saw this morning:

I was stone cold sober, I swear.
Nor do I have a lazy eye. 

We had had the opportunity to buy extra tickets to Elf at a greatly reduced price & we had considered getting some for our parents as an early Christmas gift. I'm so glad we didn't do that. They would have returned our gifts & thought that coal was too good of a gift after "enjoying" their own gift.

If someone gives you free tickets to see this them up. It was that bad. I love the movie, hate the show.

And now I will share my last week...

When I had help making cupcakes, I learned that 9 year old Ginger Girl still takes things literally:

I told Ginger Girl to
put 3 eggs in the bowl.

Blondie had an eye appointment & totally rocked the Old Granny Snap-On sunglasses after having her eyes dilated:

She obviously can make
anything look good.

And because dilated eyes scare the ever-loving poo out of me:

Seriously, she's so stinkin' creepy in this picture, I am
writing this with my hand over her eyes because writing it
with a hand over my own eyes wasn't working. <shudder> 

Every single person I touch comments on how hot my hands are. Every time. Hubby uses my hands to warm his ears in the winter. My patients have poor circulation so they love when I warm their hands or feet with my hands. I always tell my patients the saying "hot hands are healing hands" & that it's a sign I was meant to be in health care. While others like to warm their hands in mine constantly, this is not such a great thing when baking. While making Blondie's failed cookie cake, I decorated it with mini chocolate chips. Not one of those chips made it to the cake unmelted...

And I hate chocolate so it's
okay that I find finger licking
to be the most disgusting act ever .

And yes, even M&M's melt in my hand. 

Ginger Girl's dog went to the Doggie Spa & got shaved. He is now sporting leg warmers, a ball for a tail, and just enough hair on his head for a ponytail. After everyone goes to school, this is what I do for the little guy (shh...don't tell anyone 'cause I don't want to get a reputation for going soft in my old age)...

"No, I'm not spoiled. Why do you ask?"

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