That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fat Cat Says...

"She didn't completely zip it.
She'll never know I'm in here."

"Dang it, she double checked."

"You really thought you'd
leave without me?"

"Leg room? You need that?"

Nemo will sit outside the bathroom door waiting for someone to notice her & go into the bathroom for her. First thing she does when she runs into the bathroom alongside you is jump onto the sink & wait for you to turn the faucet on. This is how she gets her drinks.

Nemo drinking...
...Watson inspecting.
 Watson will wait on the floor, just staring at her like he doesn't understand what special treat she is getting that he doesn't receive. Sometimes he bullies her out of the way to inspect the sink, only to jump down disgusted because there is nothing yummy there.

Watson has a fascination with anything I am doing. Anything. He doesn't just sit & watch. Oh no, that would not be fitting for this boy. He has to help. And his version of helping is holding everything down so it doesn't...blow away?

"You wanted to actually
put these groceries away?!"

"These craft supplies won't go
anywhere, you can trust me."

"You can't see me."
"I iz invisible."

"I sleep on your textbooks & laptop,
why not your clean clothes too?"

Watson does this thing we call Tiggering. He bounds across the room like Tigger whenever he really wants something. It has taken me forever to get it on video because he stops as soon as I grab the camera. He'll be doing it for 5 minutes straight & as soon as I grab the camera, he lays down, looks at me, & meows. It's become the joke that if you want him to stop, just hold up the camera.

"My toy! I must Tigger it!"

"A bug! I must Tigger it! And...oh no, the camera, I must lay down."

"Walking around the bag won't show off my skillz."

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