That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tough Mudder 2012 (part 1)

The hubs took on the Tough Mudder challenge this last Saturday. If you know nothing about what is proudly known as "probably the toughest event on the planet", you can check it out here: Tough Mudder. 

The obstacles have lovely, non-intimidating names such as: Arctic EnemaBoa ConstrictorElectric EelEverestElectric Shock Therapy, and Mud Mile. Who wouldn't want to not only voluntarily join in that fun, but actually pay to do so? 
Did I mention that the 23 obstacles that hubby did were placed along a 12-mile stretch. Not only are they climbing 10-foot walls without foot/hand holds, scooting on their bellies under electric wires in water, swinging on slippery rings over ice cold water, tossing themselves into tanks of ice to swim under a board to the other side, and oh so many more, but they are to run and/or walk 12 miles to complete the entire challenge.

We left the house at 4:30 Saturday morning. Ginger Girl wanted to join me in watching the hubs in his adventure, so I woke her up at the last second before we left. I escorted her to the car, buckled her into the bed I made her in the back seat, & away we went on our 2 hour drive.

"Remind me exactly
why I wanted to go."

Ginger Girl helped the hubs pin his number to his shirt.

"I'm so nervous
I have to pee every
5 minutes."
"No pierced
nipples, please."

This is hubby in front of Electric Shock Therapy, where you have to jump over the hay bales while continuously getting shocked by the electric wires hanging down.

He already looks shocked.

Torture Box

This is the hubs gingerly leaping over the very first challenge: the wall to get to the start line. 

"Piece of cake."

The emcee had 2 jobs: 1) pump up the runners as they prepared at the start line 2) be eye candy for the spectators.

Not the beer tent line.

At one point during hubby's run, my ever-frustrating back needed a coffee break. Some of the obstacles were a long walk to get to & I just knew my back wouldn't hold up, so I decided to give my back that break while he was at those far-far-away obstacles.  This is me cheering him on from the parking lot.

He knows that no matter where I'm cheering from,
I am & always will be his biggest fan.

Trying to hug me
after Electric Eel.
That second guy 
up there?
Yup, he's mine.
Ginger Girl & I had fun watching all the competitors at the Electric Eel, cheering on the ladies who zoomed through it & ignored the shocks; laughing at the pansy-ass men who screamed & froze in place with every shock.

And here is the hubs on Everest, about to get to the top.

Just hangin' out.

We are some Tough Mudders...

Me to hubby: "You're my Tough Mudder."
Hubby to me: "You're my Sexy Mudder."

Fear the 2 Gingers: Baby Mudder & Mama Mudder

The mud on the ears definitely goes with the head band.

When I asked the hubs how he felt after the challenge, he said, "Next to getting married, this is the craziest thing I have ever done!" He's done a lot of crazy stuff in his life & I'm oddly proud of the fact that getting married almost-2 years ago tops them all.

Hubby also said that he had the hottest chic waiting for him at the end. I'll admit that he earned some serious points for those 2 comments.

Good job, babe! It was tough but I knew you could do it & I knew you would get through every obstacle. All those people that said you couldn't do it...they can kiss your orange TM head band. 

Here's to Tough Mudder 2013!

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