That's Me

That's Me

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Week in Pictures September 7, 2012

I'd like to share a wee bit of my days with you. Not the boring parts, 'cause I like to pretend they don't exist. It doesn't make them go away, but it makes things more fun this way.
My week started with the hubs following the Yellow Brick Road in a store. While in line. With people in front of & behind us. Eh, it kept him busy so I didn't have to entertain him during the wait.

"The cashier is the Wizard?"

The hubs discovered Halloween items.

"Does this make my
head look big? Sweetie,
why do you keep disappearing?"
"Home Alone impressions
are always funny, right?
Right? Dear??"

Ethel gave Amazing Grace her first Sweet 16 gift. They now have matching shirts to make me even sicker with their Team Jacob love.

Team Edward, traitor.

The hubs stole my Comfy Blanket. Every single night he would whip his sleeping mask off in his sleep, growl, grab Comfy Blanket & cover his face from the light of the TV. I don't share well. I took this picture hoping the flash would annoy him he would see the evidence & knock it off. It didn't work. I was sad. He continued to cuddle my blanket to his face & ignorantly snore. 

He's taunting me in his sleep.

Ginger Girl asked to sleep on the couch the night before the first day of school. I woke in the morning to find she had pulled the footrest out for her arm. 

With Zipper ever by her side.

My hair cutter friend read my mind. I frequently go into her with requests like this: "I need a new look. I want to look like that one singer, but I can't remember her name, she sings a song about...dammit, I had it in my head...and she's dating that one guy...her hair is black." She always, every single time, figures it out on the first try & I always fall deeper in love with her. 

This week it was this: "I need something different. I want my hair like a ladder in the back with the bottom shaved & keep the length in the front." She actually did exactly what I pictured in my head. But every single person would have understood that I wanted the back shaved & very slightly layered going up to small spikes only on top, with a deep part & no bangs, right?

And she put in the highlights just right. Every time I get them, my instructions are either: "All over & thin" or "Just in front & chunky". She always gets that too.

Mind Reader Friend, you rock!

I was in my garden & heard a rustling. Rustling is never a good sound when around food. It's either a child being sneaky, an animal that shouldn't be there, or something with wings & feet. All of which scare the poo out of little ol' me. 

I froze. I held my breath--'cause they can't kill you if they can't hear you breathing. I didn't move my head while I looked down. I screamed with my mouth closed--if I opened my mouth he would have jumped in. 

The dude was looking at me. He purposely blended in so that I would bend over & pick the jalapeno & then he could jump up with his nasty little feet & eat my face. I didn't fall for it & I hope he died from lack of face nutrition. Little ass that he is.

I saw that Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks. I have just a teeny tiny love of Starbucks. Just teeny tiny. Since I had been craving one since about 3:30 in the morning & couldn't go get one immediately, I made my own. Or tried to.

It looks like my 9 year old's
cooking experiments...
...tastes like it looks.

I ironed. I ironed. 

Need I say more?

As of Tuesday, I am the proud Mama of a Sophomore, a Freshman, a 7th grader, & a 4th grader. Who I very happily send to public school every morning & give major props to their teachers, because I gave that home schooling thang a whirl. They go to school...'nough said.

Amazing Grace (13 days shy of 16),
Boy Teenager (14 1/2),
Blondie (12 3/4), Ginger Girl (9 1/2)

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