That's Me

That's Me

Friday, September 7, 2012

Jealous Pineapple

Look what I picked:

I didn't pick the pineapple. Photobombed.
This is yesterday's harvest. Just one day. I stopped counting the tomatoes, but there's gotta be 100. There are at least that many jalapenos, those 3 massive banana peppers, about 10 regular sized banana peppers, 20 Sweet & Spicy peppers (awesome new pepper!), about 10 chilies. I only picked a colander full of cherry & pear tomatoes, & left literally hundreds in the garden for Ginger Girl. She likes to go in the garden & sneak them while she's playing. I pretend to know nothing of her doing this & "forget" to pick them.

Nom nom nom

These are my way-cool different colored tomatoes that are new to me this year. The 2 in the middle row are yellow. In front of the yellow tomatoes are a purple, green, & then the multi-colored green/purple. The big boy in the middle is a typical red beef steak tomato. On top of the yellow guy on the left is an orange tomato; on top of his brother on the right is a pink. They're all fully ripe.

I love all the different colors.

Darn photobombing pineapple.Geez. 

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