That's Me

That's Me

Friday, August 24, 2012

Two For One Deal on Contacts

Yesterday was the first day of the fall semester so I had to go to school. Not that that was interesting at all. Just in case anyone was really dying to know when my semester started, I thought I'd share.

I just got contacts again after not wearing them for 2 years & ever since I put them in at the Dr.'s office, the one in my right eye just hasn't felt right. I figured it was one of a couple things, like getting used to contacts again, my astigmatism is just fighting the contact too hard, or I'm a moron who doesn't know how to put them in properly. Which could be the case, even though it's not exactly rocket surgery.

For the last week I had been taking it out, cleaning it, flipping it in case I'd put it in inside out, even switched eyes thinking I'd put the contacts in the wrong eye. No matter what I did with my right contact...including when I had it in my left was always watery & blurry & hurt my eye. Dr. said to give it time to get used to it.

It was so frustrating to have a painful eye every time I wore my contacts, so I took a 2 day break from wearing them. Yesterday I put them in & it hurt so bad that I took it out immediately. Well, immediately with this contact was 5 minutes like usual because this contact seemed to really attach itself to my eye. When I took it out, I noticed a spot on the contact that I'd noticed before but I couldn't see it when I was wearing the contact, so I stopped trying to get whatever it is off.

I sprayed solution on the contact in my hand, hoping to finally get that spot off, only to have one contact fly one way & the other contact fly the other way.

Wait...I only removed 1 contact from my eyeball...
That explains the blurriness & pain.
Whoever packaged my contacts stuck 2 together. That spot that I was trying to wash off my contacts? Glue. A teeny tiny speck of glue. 

So after I thought about suing Mr. Contact Maker for 7 Million dollars due to irritated eyeball syndrome, I carried on with my day. 

After lugging 72 pounds of books through the entire school because the entrance nearest the bookstore is under construction, not only was my eyeball irritated but so was my back. And me. Basically I was just generally irritated. 

On the way home, I was at a stoplight where a man in a truck behind kept inching closer & closer to me & staring into my side mirror at the same time. For 130 minutes, or however long we were at the stoplight, he just kept inch worming closer & staring at me. 

I kept looking in the mirror. Do I have a booger? Is there something offense about my face? What is this guy's issue? 

The light turned green & this guy hit the gas to pass me. I thought, "Good, get away, you creepy creeper you." 

I look to the side & as he is passing me, his head is hanging out his driver's window, staring at me. While driving. Not looking at the highway. While driving. Do you get how dangerous that is? 

So I made this face...
I really hope it was worth it for him.

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