That's Me

That's Me

Friday, August 24, 2012

If You Give a Chiropractor a Call

If you give your chiropractor a call & say, "So this morning I bent over to get something under my bed & my knee bent the wrong way. Like, it bent sideways instead of the normal way. The top part of my body went right & the bottom part of my leg went left, instead of bending forward. I laid on the floor & actually cried from the pain. That's not a good thing, right?"

Your chiropractor will tell you, "No, that's not good. That's very bad."

Then you will interpret what your chiropractor will tell you to mean that your cartilage is not happy.

Your chiropractor will tell you that you can't put weight on your leg until you come see him.

Then he will tell you have an immediate appointment with him to fix the damage to your knee.

If you give your chiropractor a call, you will yell at your knee for making you reschedule your nail appointment & you will have to go to your chiropractor with sad nails.


  1. Thank you! I love hearing what people think of my posts.

  2. LOL! Sounds hilarious, but true especially to women who have not done their nails yet. Have you actually tried calling a chiropractor about bent knees that point to the wrong directions?

  3. Yes, this is all a 100% true story. My chiropractor was very nice to get me in immediately to further fix my leg after I put my tibia back where it was supposed to be, especially since he was already out of the office for the day.

  4. haha Great story Eddi! I have been looking at some of the Best Chiropractic Schools online recently because I have recently decided I would love to do this as a career, I have always enjoyed helping people when it comes to pains like the one you experienced. I'm happy I came across your blog because I love reading good chiropractic stories, thank you for sharing.


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