That's Me

That's Me

Monday, August 6, 2012

My New Addiction

I just had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. I'm on a break from school for a few weeks so I had no classes or homework, no work & no kids under 15, no running around getting 27 children everywhere they have to be. Just the hubby & me & no agenda. A band here, a few darts games there, the community theater's show, & hanging out with a bunch of friends on a couple spontaneous days & nights.

I don't normally do spontaneous very well. I like knowing what to look forward to, what time to prepare for it, what time something is happening, what time it is ending...I'm a control freak, what can I say?

I think I've found the key to relaxing: let things just happen, live in the moment, stop looking ahead to what happens next. Let go once in a while. All those cliches are true after all. Who knew! That's what I did from Friday night to Sunday night, & it felt great to just decide to do something & do it together. Even grocery shopping wasn't a pain in the ass, because we weren't in a hurry to be somewhere or pick up/drop off a child.

The first thing we did after all children went their various ways, was to go see a band in another inky dinky town where Ethel lives. We did not stay long. In the very little time we were there, we did manage to inhale a cherry-topped funnel cake in about 3.5 seconds & that was so very worth it.

This picture shows why we left the first place we visited. 

Men in cut off jean shorts, white socks, black shoes/work boots. Not only are they oh so sexy, but they were teaching their young children how one dances while drunk. One drunk guy even danced with his 6 year old daughter so she could see first hand how to dance drunk. And that couple on the left? I believe what they were attempting there was to taste each other's tonsils, maybe? We were surrounded by many such beautiful family moments as this. Touching.

We sat down to eat our funnel cake & check out the band to see why no one was using the dance floor as floor instead of mistaking it for a hotel room. When we got up we saw...

...a very large person sat on this bench before us. I'm sure of it. That's a super-sized person who can bend the back of a bench while sitting on it.

We left & found something a lot more fun than watching poorly dressed people make out to a redneck band. Thank goodness, the night was salvaged.

Saturday afternoon I did something for the first time that I do believe I am now addicted to. I went jet skiing. At first I was nervous & a wee bit scared but then I thought dang it, if the hubby's 90 year old Grandma could get on a jet ski & whip around on the lake, I could too.

Whoa baby, that is so much stinkin' fun. The first time I got on I made the hubs swear on all that is holy that he wouldn't go 120 mph or launch me from the back. I am very happy to say that he kept his promise which he was forced to repeat 25 times. Hence he's still alive. And has a permanent mark on his waist the shape of my hands because I may or may not have squeezed him just a wee bit.

Amazing Grace was all excited to get on one of the wave runners because, as she said, "It's something I know I can drive safely, it doesn't have wheels." At least she has a sense of humor about her accident. And she was right.

I finished the wonderful weekend by making flower hair clips with my girlies. We needed a tester as we worked...
The pink really compliments his...5 o'clock shadow?

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