That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Best "How Are Babies Born" Question I've Ever Gotten

Ginger Girl, my redheaded 9 year old, likes to have Mommy Time at night, where we watch Goosebumps or R.L. Stine together & talk about whatever pops in her little head. It helps her to be ready for bed by getting one-on-one time with me 'cause Lord knows any individual time in this house is not exactly readily available.

Tonight we were watching one of her DVR'ed shows when out of the blue she asks, "When you have a baby, do they cut the cord from the baby or from you?"

Me: "The cord isn't connected to the Mom. It's placenta [I held up my right hand], baby [I held up my left hand, about a foot from my right hand], cord between them."

Ginger Girl: "Where do they cut then?"

Me: "They cut the cord off of the baby so the baby is over here with part of the cord & the placenta is over there with part of the cord."

Ginger Girl: "So the placenta & the cord are separated from the baby?"

Me: "You got it."

Ginger Girl: " they squish the placenta & cord back up in you then?"

Seriously. Try to answer that one without cracking up.

Me: "No, they throw it away."

Ginger Girl: (horrified) "Then how do you get a new one for your next baby?!?"

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