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That's Me

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Short Story of a Cold Man

Here's a story of a cup, a woman, and a husband. One day Ethel gave Lucy a cool new Wizard of Oz themed cup. Lucy is obsessed with Wizard of Oz & Ethel knew this.

See the cool new cup?

The husband came home from a long day at work. All he wanted to do was chill on his bed with his wife watching TV. 

Lucy was excited to show that husband her cool new cup. The cup that Ginger Girl had just filled with ice water for her. Ginger Girl thought the top of the cool new cup snapped on. The top actually screws on. 

Lucy held her cool new cup of very cold ice water up so that hubby could see the cool new cup's design. Lucy didn't know the top wasn't screwed on & held it by said top.

Need I say more? 
Ever want to know how fast a man can jump out of bed when ice cubes go down his shorts? I know this answer. 

This is the spot that husband had been laying...and this is one of the many ice cubes that fell from his crotch area. 

That's a lot of water.

Poor, poor husband.
Moral of the story: always check that tops are on tightly. 

Alternate moral of the story: Don't hold cups with cold beverages over your spouse's nether regions. Unless you're very, very mad.

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