That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Movin' On Up

My man, that hubby of mine, done went & gots himself a promotion. 

Yup, this guy.
I'm so proud of that man. He earned that promotion with all his hard work & he beat out guys with 20 more years experience than he has. He's still a baby computer programmer, having only gotten that cute little degree 5 years ago. Apparently he's either a really talented baby or he's good at making people think he is.

I'd say that was worth all the late nights & me feeling neglected, even though I didn't enjoy having to share him with that "other woman". It sucks when "the other woman" obeys his every command, is patiently awaiting his arrival at any time of day or night, never gets frustrated or annoyed with him, & is always ready to listen to anything he has to say. Yes, my husband is in love with a computer. Well, not a computer, he's not picky, he loves all computers.

No, not him. Source
You know, they say that behind every man is a good woman. Well, for starters, I'm at my man's side. Second, doesn't that mean I deserve something in all of this? What I'm understanding from that saying is that no man can be, or do something, great without that equally great woman. 

I'm thinkin' something that sparkles & makes me smile.

Much better. Source

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