That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spoiled Pet Day

I bought Watson G a shirt today. Hubby thought I was nuts to a)buy the cat a shirt & b)buy the cat a purple shirt. The shirt says Little Monster.
You can tell he's happy because he stood in
this exact spot for 5 full minutes.
Then I did his nails. To match his shirt, naturally.
We both got a mani.

Okay, I didn't actually paint his nails. He's a naughty little scratching machine so I put claw caps on him. 
See how he's smiling? He's thrilled.
Zipper was jealous so I put his socks on him. He actually got them for Christmas but he must have forgotten 'cause he got all excited like it was the first time he saw them.
This one really is smiling.
 Nemo watched us & was not jealous to be left out of our spa treatments.
Poor guy, if they only made this shirt in a larger size. Unfortunately, he may just exceed the cute clothing weight range because his fat extra mounds of lovableness spilled out of his top.
"At least I can still help unload the groceries."
 Zipper was worn out from all our fun.
"I know I'm cute."
 Zipper & Watson had a little pow wow...
"Seriously, what is wrong with this woman?"
"I like my socks."
"Dude, we're boys. Animal boys."
"We are?"
"I'm a cat. You're a dog."
" mind is blown."

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