That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eddi's Hair + High Humidity = Misery For All

I have very curly hair. Think little Shirley Temple, only not blonde & not cute. It's red & wild.

I used to have hair down to my waist until I realized I really didn't like having long hair & no man was going to tell me I couldn't cut it. My ex-husband wasn't the one that had to detangle those curls every morning or use 6 different products on it just to keep it almost manageable. I turned 27 & I chopped my hair off. What was I told when I got home? "I told you not to cut your hair."

Yeah...a wonder that marriage didn't work out...hmm...

My hair is very short yet still very curly. Usually I can control it with all the bottles of goo & gunk. When it's humid though...I don't even bother. No point. 'Cause there is nothing that will prevent this from happening:
Humidity=broken smile.
Yes, those are perfectly spiraled curls all over my head. Like a child. Hear how much I love my curls? 

Ethel, who is usually wonderful & sometimes lovable, told me that my curls remind her of an equally wonderful & lovable TV character...
Grandpa Munster. Lucky me.

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