That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hubby's Double Duty Sleep Mask

Just because the hubs doesn't believe me when I tell him the things he does in his sleep, I have decided to start taking pictures to document his activity.

I wish I had a picture of what he did the other night when he actually sat up, grabbed a blanket in the 90* heat, and tucked it all around himself. Then he laid down & from under the blanket, tucked it around his head. I watched this man turn himself into a mummy, thinking, "WTF? He's gonna sweat to death!" I did untuck him but I should have taken a picture first.

Long ago, hubby & I realized we had an issue that needed to be resolved: he can't sleep with any lights on, I can't fall sleep without the TV on. It could be a worse could be the noise from the TV that bothers him & then we'd be up poo creek. But this issue? Easily fixed.

The day I brought home a sleep mask for my dear, sweet hubs was the day the sky opened up & angels sang. Our marriage was saved! It was no longer a battle of Insomnia Woman vs. Sleep 8 Hours A Night Man! It was a beautiful solution indeed.

Every night hubby puts on his sleep mask & all is well in our world. He sleeps peacefully with his mask over his eyes every night. Until about 3 yesterday  morning when I looked over to see this:

Michael Jackson impersonation in his sleep? Had a cough he didn't want to infect me with? We'll never know!

I fixed his mask for him...after discovering that the flash on my camera doesn't wake him from a dead sleep...only to have him pull it off his head & whip it at me. In his sleep.

Around the clock, the hubs never ceases to entertain me.

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