That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blondies in Canada

During breakfast...

Blondie: What was the temperature here yesterday?

Me: 103*.

Redhead: It was 108* in Canada yesterday.

Hubby: How do you know that?

Blondie: I went there & told her.

Me: How'd you get there?

Blondie: I walked

Hubby: That's a long walk.

Blondie: Yeah. I just wanted to see how hot it was there & then I came home.

Me: How'd you get past the border without a passport?

Blondie: Shh.

Me: Bu...

Blondie: Shh. Shhhh.

Me: Were there guys with machine guns & barbed wire?

Blondie: Mmm...hmm...I didn't pay attention.
"Aren't I good?"

Boy Teenager: How do you know what the temperature was there?

Blondie: I looked at the bank. Duh.

Hubby: Duh. The Bank of Canada.

Blondie: Yeah, The Bank of Canada. It had the sign outside just like our banks do. I saw it, then turned around & came home.

Redhead: You didn't go to Canada! You know how hot it is 'cause Daddy's in Canada & he told us!!

Me: Your Dad drove his semi to Canada?? That's new.

Blondie: He's not in Canada! He's in Kansas!

"I was close."

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