That's Me

That's Me

Monday, July 2, 2012

Some Men Wear Pink...Whether They Know It Or Not

I love the fact that my hubby has a little defect that he can do nothing about. I love it because I'm fascinated by it & I love it because it gives me something to constantly remind him how unique he is. Not that he doesn't have plenty of other unique qualities; this is just one of many.

That defect? He's color blind. I love to ask him what color he sees when looking at certain things. I love to send him to the store for a particular paint color. When he announces to the store clerk, "She sent the color blind guy to pick out a dark purple! They're all brown!" & looks all desperate & flustered, it cracks me up.

Before he met me, he had a favorite white shirt. He loved it & I'm sure he looked great in it. Then his sister told him that she was surprised he liked the pink shirt so much. And this is why he likes it when I shop for him.

When we go shopping & he holds up a color shirt that clashes with the shorts we're buying, I ask him, "And what color do you see there?" He just puts it back with this look that says, "I can't help it."

I used to pick out a color & say, "What color is this?" But he caught on. Pretty soon he was saying, "Red!" with a confidence he'd never had before. Now I just pick a random color...grey..."Dude, what color is this?" Just to throw him off. Sometimes I'll even tell him he's wrong when he's not. Just to see the very confused look on his face.

It'll be brown & I'll tell him, "Sweetie, that's yellow. I thought you could see yellow. What's going on with your eyes?" Pretty soon the kids will get in on it...letting him know how concerned they are that he can't see yellow now. Everyone will agree that it indeed is yellow. He'll get frustrated, call us liars, then start to wonder what's wrong with him that he now can't see yellow. Hours after we've all forgotten about it, he'll ask me if it's really yellow, and I'll laugh hysterically at how, 7 hours later, he's still concerned. At some point I do tell him that it's brown.

Boy Teenager likes to wear pink & purple. Dark purple is his favorite color, just like his Mama. He has pink shoe laces in his favorite shoes. He took a bright pink beach towel to a pool party yesterday. He's a very masculine boy, weight lifts for 2 hours in the gym every morning, he plays every sport, and he's gotten physical with boys who dared to inappropriately touch his sisters. I dare anybody to tell that boy he's wearing girly colors.

No one's dared to do that, which I think makes everyone else pretty smart.

Yesterday I told the hubs, "I love guys in pink. It shows they're confident. Or color blind."

Hubby man: "I agree. I confidently wear a white shirt that the rest of you people think is pink."

Well played, hubs, well played.

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