That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Distracted Pie Eating

A couple family & friends have brought us dinners. It's unbelievably awesome for them to ease one of my stresses right now. Not having to plan or cook a meal is like Heaven! It seems like a small thing, but to not have to think about dinner at all helps me so much, with me being in school all day every day, my right hand gal now needing to be taken care of instead of helping me, and the 26 other children that I have to take care of & get to their sports & activities.

I'd had my help all lined for this summer while I was in classes. Amazing Grace is always such an incredible help to me & seriously can make her siblings behave with just The Smack Down. The Smack Down is just a look that she gives that makes adult men's blood run cold & puts fear in the hearts of young children...hold on while I wipe this tear...she's learned so well from me!

Now she's out of commission & my other summer sitter changed her mind so I'm kinda left a wee bit stressed out! I'm taking online classes so I need to listen to lectures & actually, you know, understand what the teacher is wanting to teach me. And the incredible amount of work that is required every day is overwhelming. Not exactly easy to do amid the regular demands of a Mama throughout the day. The kids & my teachers have a couple things in common: neither likes to be ignored & they all think they are the most important at that moment.

My Great Aunt brought us dinner for the freezer & cherry pie. Cherry pie with HOMEMADE crust!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh. Seriously. Mouth orgasm.

I did allow some people in this house to have some of the pie. And I had 1 piece. So when I sat down at my laptop, lecture lulling me to sleep full of awesomeness, making notes, fork in hand...I really didn't mean to eat the rest of it. We'll just say it was more than a couple pieces. It was just so good & the ooey gooey cherries & the flakey buttery crust was just the most awesomest way to study!

Until I put my fork into the plate & it came back up...empty. Then I was oh so sad. And oh so guilty faced.

That's when I told the hubs that I did it so he wouldn't be tempted by the yumminess. I didn't want him to destroy his diet & I love him that much that I did it for him.

You're welcome, baby. Everything I do is for you.

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