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That's Me

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Amazing Grace Has Amazing Friends

Amazing Grace had a rough weekend. It's so hard when your baby is crying in pain & there's not a thing you can do about it. Thankfully those horrible days seem to be behind us though, because her pain is manageable & she's even attempting to do things on her own. Yesterday was the first time she was able to walk, sit, and lay down without someone doing it for her. It's good to see her finally moving around.

She still needs assistance with anything requiring 2 hands like getting dressed & doing her hair. She needs someone available at all times to get things for her & make sure she's eating & drinking & getting her medication. I have her on a strict routine of calcium, vitamin D since she's not outside like she usually is, magnesium, & vitamins to help her bones heal, which she hates taking.

The swelling has finally gone down & we can actually see the broken bone now! Groooosssss!!

Saturday I was helping her shower as usual & I was letting her sit on the shower chair & just let the hot water relax her muscles hoping that would ease some of the pain. I was on the other side of the bathroom reading a magazine 'cause well, the only other option was to sit & stare at her & that would make us both uncomfortable. 

And that's when Amazing Grace got the bright idea that she could move on her own. After an entire week of not being able to move without assistance, she decides the slick bath tub is the place to attempt to do this. With no arms to steady herself, because her right arm is unusable & her left arm was being used to cover certain lady bits that she didn't want her Mama to see.

So I'm reading my magazine, assuming my immobile daughter is just that...immobile...when out of the corner of my eye I see a figure go straight down in the tub & disappear. I run to her to find this child on her back in the bottom of the tub & stuck underneath the shower chair. Still covering her lady bits. She looked up at me with big doe eyes & just started laughing hysterically. She was very stuck under that shower chair & it was not easy to pull her out without either of her arms, making sure I didn't hurt the one that was already hurt, the water running in both our faces, and trying not to fall on top of her because I was laughing so hard.

Why did a child who cannot move on her own do that? "Because I wanted to lay on the bottom of the tub to soak." Oh, child.

Amazing Grace's amazingness extends to her friends too. The gifts they have brought her have brought tears to my eyes. Seriously. They're so thoughtful.

She's gotten things like Reese's, cookies, fried chicken (her favorite food), juice, a beautiful necklace...all such sweet gifts.

The gifts that 3 friends got together & brought to her are what bring tears to my eyes:
Magical Moth in a baggie~a 4" fuzzy moth that scared the friends & wouldn't die when they stepped on him so they decided he was Magical & named him Gracen
Dead flowers with an electrical flag in them~as the friend was walking to our house, she saw the flag & thought it was the perfect addition to the bouquet
Stick & rock~that the friend held out while singing, "Sticks & stones may break Gracie's bones but I will always love heeeeerrrrrrrr"

The bouquet, stick & rock, & dead moth. P.S. moths in baggies for 8 days get moldy. 
Today a couple friends came over with a gift bag containing:
Chapstick~that is hers that was left at a friend's
2 shirts~that are hers that she left at 2 friends'
2 necklaces~that the friends had bought for themselves but they broke so they decided to gift them

When you're down & out, you can always count on your true friends to know the perfect things to bring you to cheer you up.

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