That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Amazing Grace's Quick Wit

Today my Mom came over to keep kids in line since my right hand gal is out of commission. She's running the kids to their various sports all day long while I'm in my online class & taking care of Amazing Grace.  It's not going to be easy taking care of her, 5 other kids & their needs, & be in class/studying 60-80 hours a week, so I need all the help I can get.

Amazing Grace is doing well & proving to us once again that she is just like her Mama. We enjoy taking care of others, not being waited on. She's frustrated that I have to give her showers, help her get dressed, and help her walk. She did finally learn how to eat with her left hand last night, which was a huge accomplishment. With her right hand serving only as an accessory lately, it was either do things left handed or continue to be fed like a baby.

We went to see the Orthopedic Surgeon today & she doesn't need surgery at this point. He said with the break being in 2 places, we're looking at a minimum of 3 months without use of her right arm. Not what she wanted to hear since she still has driving hours to do with the teacher & she was hoping she was only going to miss a few weeks of basketball practice. We also found out that WIAA rules state that she can't play this season anyway because she had a concussion, so even if she wasn't hurt otherwise, she'd be out of basketball this year.

Good news is that she was taken out of her brace because with where her 2 breaks are, it wouldn't do her any good anyway. She hated that thing so she's happy to be out of it.

Before we went to Amazing Grace's appointment, while we were eating breakfast, Redhead said, "The chickens & cows provided our breakfast today."

Amazing Grace & I looked at her & said, "What a dork." It's a term of endearment in our house; it's said frequently.

Everyone was laughing except my Mom. Redhead said, "What? That's what Grandma said!"


Then Redhead told us how she painted Grampa's toenails last night. They're bright, sparkly pink.

Amazing Grace said, "Before you say anything, Mom, Grandma did the other foot."

It wasn't true, but quick thinking. She's learned well. I'm a proud Mama.

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