That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Braggin' on the Hubby

So I was having a bad day yesterday. A very bad day. One of those days where you text your hubby & say, "I am giving away all of the children. I am dropping out of school. Don't argue with me. I'm done."

I know I am not the only one that texts stuff like that. And if any Mama can sit there & say, "Oh, no, not me! I would never say that about my precious little Suzie," I have this to say: that Mama is either
a) so new to this Mama gig that her nipples don't even hurt yet & her child is sleeping soundly in the hospital nursery
b) able to drink wine during the day
c) lying her ass off
d) does not have multiple children or any kind of responsibilities other than to look pretty.

Not that I have horrid children. I have normal children, not robots. They do annoying stuff. They can be naughty. Sometimes I ask them when their real mother will show up for them.

Hubby came home with a bouquet of flowers, a gift certificate to my nail place that covers several visits, and a card. The card had a sweet poem on it that pretty much defined us. He did all this "just because." Just because sometimes a girl needs a hug & sometimes she needs a hug AND flowers, he said.

Not only was I ready to melt just from that, but he won a contest at work & spent it on me. The winnings that were from his work's health department weight loss competition. He worked hard to lose all of that & he decided to use his winnings on me.

Yeah, I know how lucky I am.
Amid the crazy work/school schedules, the multitude of children who actually think we should be feeding & providing for them, the zillions of sports that those children are in, and the rest of life...he is the one who helps me through it all. 

Not just with gifts. From listening to me (although sometimes I have to remind him that he is listening to me & to stop chasing shiny things) to raising my children as his own to making me feel like the most beautiful/special/smart/funny girl in the world (even when my curly hair turns into uncontrollable Shirley Temple curls on top of my head & I have dirt streaks down my face from working in the hot garden all day, he still tells me I'm beautiful), I really found what I, just even 3 years ago, didn't believe existed. My first marriage ended after years of abuse & his affairs & because of that there's not a day that goes by where I don't acknowledge what an amazing guy I've found. 

As crazy as life can get, I don't think I tell him any of that often enough. So hubby man, I want the whole world (or at least my readers) to hear me thank you for being you. 

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