That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Powers Aren't Always Used For Evil

Last night I ate what, according to hubby's Weight Watchers, was the equivalent of 2 200-lb. men's total daily intake. At supper. I made ribs. How could I not eat that much? I'm a good cooker & it was ribs. I was hungry. 

I said something that I have only said a few times in my life..."I'm full." I'm not used to that feeling. It's quite something. When I said it, hubby & children just froze with their mouths open. Someone said, "What did you say? That sounds weird coming from you."

So I was full. And happy. For an hour. Hubby said he knew it couldn't last long. I have a big appetite & apparently just breathing burns 2,000 calories for me. 

I ate a pudding cup. Mmm, tapioca. 

Then I ate some Reese's. 

 Then I got out Oreos & milk. And that's when the best idea, ever, hit me. My kids were amazed at my genius...

Oreo on a fork!
 Check out my super powers...I can eat an Oreo (giving a child the chocolate part 'cause ew) while reading an upside down magazine! Why is my magazine upside down? I have no answer for that.
My fingers didn't get wet!!
I am a genius.


  1. Did you know that pickle forks are PERFECT for dunking oreos?

  2. That's something I did not know. Pickle forks, fondue forks, shish kabob sticks, chopsticks...the possibilities are endless!
    I'm so exci...hold up, wait, say that like you've done this before. I didn't invent this? I'm not a genius?! :@(


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