That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's the Hub's Birthday

Today is my hubby's Birthday.

It's no secret that I love The Beatles. They formed a band just for me to enjoy, I know it. Each Beatle is amazing in his own right, but my man Paul has a special spot in my heart. Mhmm, that man can sing to me all fact, there have been many days where I play his music over & over & I may or may not be pretending that he's singing directly to me.

I'm sharing My Song with hubby today. Because I love him that much

When I was little, there was a little restaurant my parents would take us to for fish on Fridays (it's Wisconsin, yo, it's what we do). Sadly the place burned down but I have happy memories of that place. One of my favorite memories was my 5th Birthday. My parents put this song on the jukebox & told me that The Beatles were in there singing this just for me. I had asked how they had enough room in there & was told there was a stage & all of them squeezed in there just for my Birthday.

I won't say how many years it took me to realize that The Beatles had not actually been singing from inside that big box, but I will say that I know without a doubt that they did write it for me. 'Cause my Daddy said so. They wrote it in September, 1968, so they were preparing for my birth for 11 years! That's how I also know they loved me as much as I love them.

But this isn't about me, it's about the hubs.

We celebrated his Birthday with his parents a few days early. The cake that his Mom ordered didn't turn out quite as she had hoped. Let's just say they assumed that the "boy" they were decorating it for was 7 years old.

When Sister showed me the cake, I had a serious case of the giggles. It was covered in colorful balloons & looked like it needed a clown. So what did we do that would make Mom 2 oh so not happy with us? We found a clown (ew, creepy) face saved from a long-ago cake & stuck it in there. We couldn't stop there. We went on a hunt for candles that would only be fitting for this type of cake.

We found them at the bottom of a bag of Birthday candles. One from Sister's 2 year old cake & 1 from hubby's 4 year old cake. They still had chocolate on them from those cakes! And I'm thinking they're probably full of lead & if we'd lit them we'd all be walking around with no eyebrows & black lungs.

The candles.
Of course we stuck those candles in there. Old chocolate, lead, and all. But to make up for this childish cake, we made sure to give him a younger age with those candles, instead of older.

Okay, it didn't originally say "freak"...I just love photo editing.
When hubby went to blow out the new candles that were placed next to the old ones, he froze. He didn't have anything to wish for. He said he has everything he ever wanted. Can I get a collective "awww"? So he used his wish on his Dad.

When he told Dad this, Dad said, "You mean when I'm 75, I'll have a 14 inch penis?!"

To which I asked if that was truly his wish or if that was Mom's. Mom said she'd most definitely love that. At which point, both hubby & Sister started gagging & tried to leave the room before hearing any more. 

Happy Birthday, babe! Forget Weight Watchers for tonight & eat the fantastic meal the kids & I are making for you. Points don't count on your Birthday. It's a law. 

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