That's Me

That's Me

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Frustrating Day

I carefully & painstakingly typed up seventy billion lists of things that needed to be done. I love lists. Sometimes I invent things to do just so I can make a list, go do it, then cross it off the list. This time, however, none of the things on these lists were invented.

I printed all seventy billion lists. I have to spell out that number 'cause I'm not sure how many zeros to put in it. Let the printer do its thing...went about my business. 20 minutes later I went to retrieve my billions of lists. Printed on envelopes.

I said hubby's name. The cats went running to the other side of the house...obviously because they were excitedly looking for him...not because I actually yelled or anything.

Daughter called back from the other room, "He's not here."

I mumbled, "I know."

She replied, "Uh oh, he's in trouble. What'd he do?"

It's amazingly frustrating to look at an envelope, or a stack of seventy billion envelopes, and try to figure out what is written...when the beginning & ending of everything got printed onto the printer itself. It's even more frustrating to realize I had clicked "do not save" after I printed them. I deleted all the lists that I had been writing & adding to all week. Mr. Computer Husband couldn't even work his magic & find them in some dark, dusty corner of my computer's memory.

I had to rewrite them. Which pretty much wasted half my night while I tried to remember each list & what was on it. And no, it wouldn't be faster to go do the things that are on the lists. These were lists to remind others of things that need to be done over the next 6 days. Without my lists, how will everyone survive?

All this was after I discovered that Got 2 B hair wax is not strong enough to keep Wisconsin humidity from unstraightening my too-curly hair. Look closely at this picture...that's not a wing over my right ear, it's my hair slowly curling up. 
I think that's my "if only I could kill my hair" face.
 How do you go from this...
to this? Seriously.

Oh, and I got this...70,000,000,000.

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