That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Land Where 'Privacy' Is A 4-Letter Word

We've been having fun here at DisneyLand. I swear they have invisible walls around this place & some magical spell with only perfect weather & no bugs. I met one fly my entire time here & I think he had drank some of the happy juice all the employees seem to drink before their shift. That fly was very slow & was pretty much drifting rather than flying & he had a curious smile on his face.

As if anyone needed any proof why the hubby man & I should not be allowed to roam free among toys without supervision...

We had to see which one of us could make the best Mort face. 

I'll give the award to the hubs for this one. Mort is, after all, one of his favorites.

Shh...I'm hunting wabbits.
And then the hunter became the hunted. Wings & feet!!

All fun aside, I have to say that I'm sick of the maids walking in on me. I was understanding on Saturday morning when I was woken up to, "Oh, soddy, mahm" when she walked in. I got up, put out the "Privacy Please" sign that has one of the 7 Dwarfs' faces on it, and went back to bed. I was woken up yet again when the same maid walked in. I sat up in bed, hair on top of my head & sticking out in all sorts of unimaginable directions, and she got The Look. She said, "Soddy, mahm, I come bock lodder."

It apparently wasn't strong enough of A Look, because as I was walking out of the bathroom an hour later, she was standing in my room. I told her to leave. I'm pretty sure the look she gave me said, "Crazy psycho bitch" & not "have a magical day" like I hear out of everyone else's mouths.

Later that day there was a message on our phone from the Queen Maid telling us just to call if we need service. Okay, yeah, I got it. You like cleaning the room.

Yesterday morning someone walked in while I was in the bath. Thankfully I got them to leave before they walked into the bathroom. Obviously the fact that they have a key to the room trumps the Privacy sign on the door.

Yesterday I took the sign off so they could come in & clean & leave fresh towels while we were gone. I figured that would give me a day of rest from the attack of the cleaning people. Nope. Last night, as I'm sprawled across the bed with the sign on the door, Queen Maid walked in & asked if the service we received was satisfactory.

I just nonchalantly picked my head up off the bed, nodded, and laid back down. Hubby on the other hand was rather freaked out from his position at the desk where he kinda sorta froze when he heard the door open. "What the hell? They just walk in?"

I looked at him, "Told ya." A second later I said, "Apparently people don't have sex in the happiest place on Earth, because the cleaning staff doesn't seem too worried about just walking into their bedrooms."

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