That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When I study with Ethel & Kids

When Girl Teenager & Boy Teenager are bored, it's almost guaranteed they're going to wrestle. This started when my son went into wrestling in first grade. He needed someone to practice moves on & his sisters & I were easy targets. Now that he's stronger & actually tries to twist your head off of your neck to get you in a hold, the little sisters have decided it's no longer fun.

His older sister loves the challenge.

Sometimes they pick the worst times & places to get into a match. Like when I'm in the shower after studying all day & Ethel is sitting on my bed watching TV. Because this is what I walk into:

"Good girl, Ethel."

Why they chose my bed to do this, I don't know. But thankfully Ethel knew her place.

After my shower and kicking children out, I decided to continue the paper I was writing. Watson, the ever widening cat, jumped on my laptop. Everything froze, odd things popped up on the screen, and my paper went poof.

In that moment I was so frantic, my brain jumped out of my head & landed in front of me. My instincts took over & this is what happened:
No, I cannot answer why.

Ethel is very quick with that camera when she's peeing her pants laughing. I was not laughing, as you can see.

Don't worry, the cat was set down, he licked himself to erase the indignity of being on a person's head, the laptop was returned to normal, and the paper was recovered. And I put a shirt on so you couldn't see my bra straps under my tank top anymore. 

It's all good. The cat recovered quickly & continues to jump on my laptop. He wasn't traumatized & I have this picture to forever show that I can lift 30 lbs. over my head.

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