That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Walter Lives In My Brain

This morning I'm watching the news & I hear, "Bundle up, it's nippley out there."

Okay, the 13 year old boy in me giggled so hard. If it had been like, after 9 AM, my inner 13 year old male would have laughed out loud, but I don't do anything nice in the morning & I'm not sure if I have one emotion or none in the morning. It's a thin line between the 2.

The people that live in my brain have to be quiet while only Walter takes over. Walter is from Jef-fah-fah Dunham, for those who live under a rock--although your rock must have Wi-Fi if you're reading this & in that case I don't feel bad for you.

That's Walter...Jeff Dunham got the idea for him after seeing me in the morning one day.

After coffee & a proper time of day, Walter goes back inside (for a nap, of course) & allows the others to do whatever they want. 5:45 in the morning is not a proper time of day. In fact, if a presidential candidate announced that he was doing away with 5:anything to 7:anything AM, I would vote for him. I wouldn't care what side of the fence he stood on. It could be the first time I voted non-Republican. All the Democrats out there waiting for my vote? 'Cause I know everyone is out there standing in lines begging for my vote. There ya go. That's your ticket. 

After every 18-20 hour nap, Walter shows up again & everyone around me just waits until he falls asleep & they see The Others emerge. And, as I mentioned, one of The Others is a 13 year old boy. He finds all socially inappropriate behavior funny. Okay, not all...some things are just not right. But some things...yeah, he laughs. And he laughs hard. 

Loud farts? Funny as all get out! Cupping your farts & throwing them at someone (yeah, it works...let's just say Teenage Girl & her friends are not always girly)? Disgusting!

Back to the weather man...Walter shut up the 13 year old boy in my brain by yelling, "He said nippy! Not nippley!" I rewound the news & realized Walter was correct. 

I find it very sad that my brain has to correct other parts of my brain. Who does that? That can't be normal. A brain should just be a brain & think what it thinks. When your brain tells you the weather man said "nippley" you should just believe it because well, your brain is the one that believes things. 

I confuse myself.

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